Capstone’s 9 Layer security strategy

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When you fall victim to a cyber-attack through no fault of your own, will they call you stupid…or just irresponsible?

Protect your business with CyberShield – a holistic solution that incorporates knowledge, security and insurance to defend you from cyber risks.


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Network & Data Security Services

What is CyberShield?

Finally small and medium businesses can defend themselves against the bad guys. CyberShield is a comprehensive and cost effective cyber protection solution for small businesses. It combines three important components against cyber threats – Cyber Assessment, Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance.


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Step 1 Cyber Assessment

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We work with small and medium businesses to perform an independent, high-level security assessment in order to understand your existing information security technology and business process controls. Our proven process of reviewing your people, policies, and tools will help us identify your company’s vulnerabilities.

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Step 2 Cyber Security

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Our capSecure security umbrella makes it easy for you to choose the security services that is best for your organization. capSecure offers enterprise level security protection with flexible and affordable options. capSecure DNSFilter is so advanced that it catches viruses that just surfaced also called “zero day” attacks.

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Step 3 Cyber Insurance

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No level of Cyber Security measures is 100% fool proof. That is why you should have a Cyber Insurance policy to protect your business. For a very affordable rate, you can have the peace of mind that you are adequately insured against known cyber risks.

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How Does your Business Benefit?

You get the peace of mind knowing your business is holistically protected with the proper cyber security tools and the proper cyber insurance policy

Trusted services offered by local and reputable technology and insurance leaders

Affordable. The comprehensive services are offered with the small business budget in mind

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Cybersecurity Explained in Non Geek Speak

Step by Step Guide for Better Online Security for Small
and Medium
Business Owners

If we know anything about the owners of small and medium businesses, it’s that we work hard to build our companies and make them successful. We understand the months of stress, countless sleepless nights, and having to make sacrifices. And we know that after all this sweat and blood, you really wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize your success. But trust us (because we see it every day at Capstone IT), there are plenty of risks out there for any company that uses IT equipment or the Internet, and we want you to stay safe.

Every day there are cyber-attacks on companies like yours, and the numbers are rising. A study by the Ponemon Institute in 2014 found the average annualized cost of cybercrime, incurred by a benchmark sample of U.S. organizations, to be $12.7 million, a 96% increase since the study began just five years ago. And hackers prefer to target smaller businesses to big multinationals, as SMBs are less likely to have the latest security features in place and the resources to fight cybercrime.

Types of Threats

There are so many pieces of malware, viruses and so on being created every day, that if you use the Internet to do business – and let’s face it, that’s most of us – you can never be completely safe from attack. Let’s look at the types of threats your small business is facing out there.

Secure your business with CyberShield

Western New York’s first Cyber Assessment, Protection and Insurance solution.