So what is Office 365?

Most of us have used Microsoft’s Office suite for years. Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. have become the go-to applications for email and productivity; not just in Enterprise Corporations but right down to the Mom & Pop operations. Over the past several years, there has been a paradigm shift in the world of software: from something you bought and installed on your computer or network, to something you subscribed to and accessed with a web browser. This is cloud computing.

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An office in the cloud - well that sounds magical doesn't it? Well if you upgrade to cloud computing in your office, you'll find it's more than magical, it's miraculous - as all your earthly IT stress and worries drift away into the atmosphere. The magic of the cloud has changed forever the way that small and medium organizations use technology in their business to grow and be more efficient. Read more

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Office 365 is the cloud-based version of the applications you already know, now delivered as a service with additional capabilities you may not have today. Office 365 includes these primary components:

  • Onedrive - 1TB of storage space in the cloud to store, backup and easily share files.
  • Yammer - Social media for business helping to foster collabration and communication among teams.
  • Mobile Apps - All the Office applications you love, now accessible via apps on your phones and tablets.
  • Exchange Online—the enterprise class email engine
  • SharePoint Online—the collaboration, document storage and sharing engine
  • Lync Online—an instant messaging and online meeting application
  • Office Professional Plus—the same desktop software you use today, for a single monthly fee per user

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Capstone makes the cloud easier to implement and painless to manage while saving you money.

If you’ve considered migrating to Office 365 but are worried about the potential downtime and interrupted productivity, we’d like to introduce you to true peace-of-mind migration with Capstone. Rather than a long migration process full of unexpected bumps and loss of productivity, we have a better way.

We understand that your experience during the migration truly matters. You cannot afford downtime, losing stored emails, and other mishaps that affect employee productivity and frustration. Capstone’s Cloud Migration Service (CMS) makes it easy, fast and safe to migrate to Office 365.

With CMS, we can swiftly move you from initial Office 365 purchase, to planning, moving and setup without the stress and loss of staff productivity. Start on Monday and we’ll give you the power and productivity of Office 365 before the week is up!

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Hosted Exchange and Other Common Email Types Explained

6 Critical Items To Watch Out For When Migrating To Office 365

Elevate your organization

With Office 365 Migration from Capstone

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & Support

Be productive anywhere

Access your data and work efficiently from any device - anywhere, anytime

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & Support

Work better together

Engage and collaborate better between employees, partners and customers

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & Support

Protect what matters

Secure your data and business with enterprise-grade protection and business continuity

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & Support

Build for tomorrow

Prepare your business for the future with technology that reduces short-term costs

Office 365 is saving our clients money

Hear what some of them have
to say

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & SupportBefore I received Capstone’s Cloud recommendations, I was looking at updates that included replacing our old server with a new one…the risk of a potential crash because of it being old and outdated was one we weren’t willing to take! The idea of migrating to Microsoft’s cloud-based version of Office was appealing because not only would it save our company’s data in a secure and accessible space, but it would also allow our offsite staff members to reach their email quickly and easily.

Capstone’s O365 migration went well; their engineers installed everything easily within just a couple of days. Having new cloud-based features added to our daily work has been extremely beneficial. We’ve even been able to hire additional traveling staff and give them the ease of checking email from anywhere in the country. Not only are we cutting the cost of having to buy licenses for the business, but the availability to connect from anywhere converts to saving us money as well!

Krista W., QES Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & SupportAs a new firm, we want to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to better serve our clients. Using Cloud Computing versus implementing a traditional in-house network is affordable. We have access to the best-of breed network and security solutions, similar the ones used in large companies, but at a fraction of the price.

Scott L., Seneca Financial Advisors

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & SupportCapstone is an important partner for us because our computers and our network run smoothly and seamlessly. They are like invisible hands, removing problems and managing our IT support. It has made my job easier because I can focus on the Credit Union’s business instead of solving an IT problem. It positively affects our service to our members!

Melissa M., Genesee Co-Op FCU

8 reasons to choose
Office 365

1. The price is right

eligible non-profits can get Office 365 absolutely free.

2. Office in a box

in addition to Powerpoint, Word, Excel and Publisher, you also get Outlook email, 1TB of file storage, unlimited online meetings and more.

3. Kiss VPNs goodbye

want to work from home? No problem. Just connect to the cloud and forget about annoying VPN connections.

4. Save money on user licenses

with 1 user licence, you can install Office 365 on up to 5 devices including your desktop, smartphone, tablet and more.

5. Automatic syncing

delete an email from your computer and it will automatically delete from your tablet phone and other smart devices.

6. No more software upgrades

you and your employees will always be on the latest version of Microsoft Office.

7. No need for a server on site

because Office 365 doesn’t require your own server, you’ll save money on hardware and maintenance.

8. Cheapest way to go

Microsoft raised the price of Office licenses. Office 365 is the cheapest way to enjoy Office.

Cheaper, easier, more reliable

Office 365 is the new way to access the applications you know and love

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & Support

Cost efficient

Forget licenses or upgrades - just pay as you go.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & Support


The applications you love plus many more.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & Support


Need to work from home? No problem.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & Support


Files and emails are synced across all your devices.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & Support


No more upgrades - you always have the latest version.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations & Support


Everything is in the cloud, which means no more server maintenance.

Start your Office 365 migration the right way

Capstone’s free Readiness Assessment offers a personalized plan for your move

Our Office 365 Readiness Assessment, free for a limited time, gives you the benefit of our team’s knowledge and experience in evaluating your current IT environment and detailing the steps to your migration to using Office in the cloud. Every free assessment includes evaluation and advice on bandwidth requirements, internal application relay, the practicalities of migration from your current platform, compatibility between your operating system and Office 365, and any unexpected caveats to be aware of. Your Readiness Assessment is the first step to your successful, obstacle-free migration to Office 365.

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