IT Support

Get the technical backing your business needs

Your company needs more support to keep your systems functioning than you can get from a lone soldier IT guy, but hiring your own internal IT department is expensive and laborious. There’s a third way - entrust CAPSTONE with responsibility for your network and systems and you’ll enjoy reliability, expertise and cost effectiveness that will mean you never look back.

Managed Services
Managed IT Services - Rochester, NY

Forget the days of waiting for your IT to break before scurrying around for a patch - with our Managed Services plans, you get constant monitoring, proactive maintenance and predictable budgeting thanks to an all-inclusive, fixed rate monthly service plan.

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Healthcare IT Support
Healthcare IT Support - Rochester, NY

If you work in healthcare, your needs are substantially different from businesses operating in other industries - so don’t settle for an IT support provider that doesn’t understand your unique requirements. We take the time to get to know you and your company.

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Business Continuity Planning
Data Backup & Disaster Recovery - Rochester, NY

Don’t wait for disaster to strike before you take action to protect your company and its digital assets. In the event of a natural disaster or security breach, you need to know that your business can be back in action quickly and easily - we can give you that reassurance.

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Virtualization - Rochester, NY

Want to implement more and newer technologies but simply don’t have the space in your office to do so? Virtualization could be the answer - improve the performance of your applications and get back on track more quickly after outages with our Virtualization solutions

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