Digital Marketing

Put your business in front of those who matter

In the digital age, effective marketing needs a radically different approach than in the past. Give your business the recognition it needs and deserves with innovative Digital Marketing services from CAPSTONE, based on the latest industry developments and trends.

Websites That Work
Website Design & Development - Rochester, NY

Don’t lose out on business opportunities because your company’s web site is outdated or lacking recent content - or because you don’t have a web site at all. With CAPSTONE, you can get an effective web site without the hassle of expense you might anticipate.

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Wow My Prospect
Digital Marketing Services - Rochester, NY

Direct new prospects to a customized site within minutes of first speaking to them on the phone, before you’ve even met them in person - our Wow My Prospect pages are packed with content tailored to your company and your clients, to dramatically increase your conversions.

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Mondopad - Rochester, NY

Transform your presentations and enable your team to collaborate like never before with a giant tablet from the Mondopad series, that allows you to connect effectively with meeting participants both in front of you and scattered around the world.

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Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization - Rochester, NY

Your web site won’t do much for your business if clients can’t find it. In an age of sophisticated search engine technology, it’s important to ensure that your site is optimized to figure prominently in relevant search results - driving valuable traffic and leads right to your desk.

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Mobile Apps
Mobile App Development - Rochester, NY

Discover how mobile apps can transform your business and enable you to boost productivity by working whenever and wherever is convenient. Get more done in less time by working smarter - let us show you how to make mobile apps work to your company’s advantage.

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