Customer Satisfaction Reviews

These are actual customer comments with only names and other identifiable data removed.

Date Rating
4/26/2019 Capstone gets an A+.
4/25/2019 Service was fast and accurate.
4/24/2019 Tech was easy to work with and after a follow-up call the problem was resolved.
4/23/2019 Thank You for the Great service....
4/22/2019 Prompt and good service.
4/17/2019 This request was made on March 21st and a reminder was sent before it was addressed.
4/17/2019 The support person was very helpful and was able to correct the problem within the phone call. He also followed up answering some questions we had in our conversation. A great experience.
4/16/2019 Fast response to my phone call. The request was completed very quickly and satisfactorily. I am quite happy with the service!
4/15/2019 Lit
4/15/2019 Very prompt response. Thank you.
4/11/2019 Our enginner was a huge help in fixing something that was really our phone company's responsibility to begin with. When the phone company wanted to charge us $150 for a site visit to re-install an app on my desktop, Capstone remoted into my desktop to help me through the download on my own, so the phone company didn't have to come out. Capstone also helped us decide between two possible options that the phone company gave us (we could either re-install the app, or give the phone company our VPN) and it seemed like Capstone truly had our best interests in mind when suggesting we take the step of re-installing the app, instead of pursuing an option that would have been less secure.
4/9/2019 Both our engineers were very helpful.
4/8/2019 Very timely response and actions. I really appreciate that. Thanks for the great job!
4/8/2019 Fixed immediate problem timely however this problem is a result of a systemic network issue; no communication yet on outcome of potential network fix.
4/8/2019 Our engineer was able to quickly get this issue resolved and was very respectful of my time.
4/5/2019 Our engineer did everything to own this project and I GREATLY appreciate his work over the last week to see this through.
4/3/2019 Discovered this was not a Capstone issue so there are not any suggestions for improvement.
4/3/2019 Thank you!
4/1/2019 I submitted a ticket for this on 3/15. Without making a point for each date two things happened at first. I have noted that I need to be called on my cell phone as I typically am not at my desk. Leaving messages on my work phone delays the process. I typically like to arrange to have Capstone work on my computer remotely while I am away from the computer. Once that was resolved Capstone was able to get QB to load on my computer (Mac with Parallels). However it was not taken passed the software opening up to actually assuring the software could be logged on. I was out of the office till Friday afternoon 3/22 whereas we played phone tag and could not connect. Come Tuesday 3/26 we finally got connected and I left Capstone with my passwords and remote computer around 3:00pm. I did not hear from you till 5:25 and by email instead of cell. Nothing on my desktop was put back to original, there were issues with it not working and it needed addressed the following day. Both the 27th and 28th I left my computer to be worked on remotely, Capstone was not able to rectify the issue. While I do not have an issue with the issue not being remedied, I do have an issue with not being contacted either of these evenings. I tried calling in after 5pm and was not aware I could have dialed ""0"". So I sat and waited, eventually gave up and packed my computer so I could work at home.

My desktop was not the same there were and still are folders on it that I am not sure what to do with. On the 29th Capstone was able to jump on and fix the QB issue.

3/29/2019 Thank you for the quick support!
3/29/2019 The engineers were beyond amazing!!!
3/29/2019 My problem was solved promptly with no further input needed from me after the initial ticket. Thank you!
3/28/2019 "My connection issue was resolved quickly and easily. The engineer was kind and easy to work with.
3/27/2019 Your customer service has always been excellent!!!
3/22/2019 "Very quick service on this particular day, so that was excellent. Wondering why the server was down in a similar fashion maybe 3 times over the past 3 weeks..."
3/22/2019 I was very pleased with the installation. The HP is a great advance over the Mac. I like the Excel version much better than previous one.
3/22/2019 yay!
3/21/2019 Very quick with the help. And I am very appreciative.
3/20/2019 Our engineer, as always, initiated communication between myself and Epson, the manufacturer of the scanner. The scanner was ultimately replaced and the replacement worked properly. Thank you for your assistance!
3/18/2019 Great work, got my number and sent me a text to access Duo App. Was completed within timely manner.
3/15/2019 Ticket submitted for a nagging/recurring issue that hadn't been solved before. Now it has been, thanks!
3/15/2019 Capstone's help with this system migration was greatly appreciated. He clearly laid out the plan for how we can perform the migration and responded immediately first thing the next morning when his assistance was required to change DNS records and SSL certificates.
3/15/2019 Excellent service! I related the news of his timely and raid response to our CEO.
3/14/2019 Tech assisted immediately, thank you!!!
3/14/2019 Did a great job! Quick, professional, and personable.
3/13/2019 Our engineer was great, met me at the office within 24 hours of ticket put in and resolved issue.
3/13/2019 Our engineer always gives us top-notch service that we are always happy with.
3/13/2019 Thank you for the prompt response, and the commitment to seeing this through!
3/13/2019 The first attempt got this up and running smoothly. Thanks!
3/13/2019 Windows 10 successfully installed overnight with no major issues.
3/13/2019 Very prompt response.
3/12/2019 Worst experience we have ever had with Capstone to date. I don't even know the technicians name, but we do not want him to ever come out and work in our office again or be assigned to our tickets on the help desk. I am actually shocked that he is an employee of the company.
3/12/2019 This is the second time I've had questions or concerns regarding a ticket and they were not addressed before the ticket was closed. Is your metric there how fast you close a ticket? It seems that when I reply to a ticket thread, it isn't read by anyone.
3/8/2019 Our engineer responded right away & demonstrated an alternate method to achieve the same results. This solution makes sense since my operating system will be updated shortly & may make the initial problem irrelevant.
3/8/2019 My problem was solved in 15 minutes
3/8/2019 Although you ultimately helped me with what I requested, it took much longer than it had to, since, as the engineer himself mentioned, he forgot that he could just add one button within my Outlook Account until about an hour into our second conversation. During the first conversation we had a few days ago, Corey helped me export email address from an excel doc into an email group within Outlook. He said I would just have to log onto Microsoft Office to send the email from our "[email protected]" email address, when I was ready to email the group. Two days later when I tried to do so, I discovered that the email group did not show up there. So Corey spent about an hour attempting to figure out how to get an email group from my "sshimmel" contact list to my "events" contact list. Only after about an hour did he realize he could just have added a "From" button to my regular email, which means I didn't have to log onto Microsoft Office, or export any sort of contact list from one account to another. So although most of the first conversation was helpful, the second was a lot of wasted time. To be honest, I wouldn't have known this should have been an "easy fix" if Corey didn't tell me so himself, and that he just forgot that he could have added the "From" button. So that was a bit frustrating. He also closed out of an email that I had drafted before he had remoted into my desktop, and specifically selected "no" when it asked if he wanted to save it as a draft, because he thought it was a test email he created.So losing a lengthy email I had previously typed, on top of finding out that the last hour was somewhat wasted, was not ideal. But in the end, the email did work as I'd hoped-- so we got there, but took a very long way.
3/5/2019 Everything went perfect, and the problem was quickly fixed.
3/5/2019 Our engineer provided excellent service.
3/5/2019 I cancelled the ticket since I first need an SMA related to this request. This request will be initiated anew when I have that SMA.
3/5/2019 This turned out to be very time consuming, but - that was a Quickbooks issue - not Capstone Team.
3/5/2019 Very prompt response. Fix was completed shortly after my request. Thanks!
2/28/2019 Quick service
2/28/2019 Our engineer is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you
2/28/2019 Thank you!
2/28/2019 Our engineer is an amazing person!
2/27/2019 Capstone determined proper RAM to order without seeing my computer. Response time was excellent from RFQ to order to installation. When I brought my computer in to Capstone, the engineer immediately performed the install with minimal wait time for me. He verified successful install then took the time to explain what he did & what options I could do on future upgrades. Thank you!!
2/27/2019 Initial attempt was unsuccessful & wasn't told why but 2nd attempt was a successful upgrade - no issues.
2/25/2019 I had an email response w/ a ticket in under 5 minutes, and the ticket was completed in less than 15 minutes. Very impressed by the speed at which my issue was resolved. Thank you!
2/25/2019 Thank you!
2/22/2019 No problems, answered all my questions.
2/22/2019 Support desk knew exactly what the problem was. Great job.
2/22/2019 My engineer took care of this for me at 10pm! Had the files I needed in the morning!
2/21/2019 Our enginner is always so accomodating to our needs. Christina
2/19/2019 The engineering team have been a big help to me.
2/19/2019 When my problem was unable to be worked on remotely, you sent the technician out same day within hours. Great service!!
2/18/2019 Our engineer made sure our update took place before we came to work so that it was ready to work as soon as we arrived. He also followed up with us to make sure everything was working correctly. We truly appreciate that there was no interruption of our working ability.
2/16/2019 Did it same day after our normal business hours
2/15/2019 "Service was prompt, polite and helpful.
My login issues were resolved in 5 minutes.
Thank you!"
2/14/2019 Prompt response & the engineer did not quit until the problem was resolved!!
2/14/2019 Our heldesk engineer was great! It took a minute to figure out but my head would still be spinning if he wasn't there to actually fix it!
2/12/2019 "Capstone provided appropriate information and pricing on a all in one printer for us. She followed up with me after a few days. We actually purchased the same printer at a lower cost. I was most interested in obtaining your knowledge of what would be a good fit for our company and a dependable product.
Thank you"
2/1/2019 "Great job as always! I appreciate the quick response and help with my issue."
2/1/2019 The issue was fixed immediately.
2/1/2019 The "fix" was extremely simple. But helpful.
1/31/2019 Thank you for being proactive!
1/28/2019 Our engineer was very responsive until our issue was resolved!!
1/28/2019 I had to contact Act myself to solve the issue, after waiting 3 days, which the fix ended up taking 1 min after simple instructions from Act representative. I realize now Capstone might not have a strong coverage of the Act program and will go to our area rep directly in the future.
1/28/2019 I never got a response from you!
1/18/2019 After a quick response to my request, Capstone resolved the issue in minutes.
1/18/2019 I've gotten three emails telling me my service ticket was completed. One includes this survey. Found the redundancy a little annoying, however complete the assistance. Other than that, my sincerest thanks for the help.
1/18/2019 Capstone provided great guidance and service.
1/18/2019 Quick response - got it addressed/completed. Thanks!
1/18/2019 I really appreciated the quick call back and resolution, since we had already missed a few minutes of the webinar. Capstone helped us get to it so we only had to miss a few moments!
1/16/2019 ThankYou!
1/16/2019 Capstone staff resolved the issue within the requested "urgent" timeframe.
1/11/2019 My issue worked itself out on it's own, so I can only comment on response time and quality, which was perfectly fine.
1/10/2019 "The tech (Matt) that handled it did a good job. However, I don't understand why this problem keeps reoccurring."
1/10/2019 I thought the service was excellent and very helpful.
1/9/2019 It was fast and easy.
1/8/2019 Great fast job
1/8/2019 Everything was handled in a very timely manner and resolved very quickly. Thank you very much.
1/8/2019 Very fast service-thank you.
1/4/2019 There was massive confusion and misunderstanding on Capstone's part about what was going on. All of the issues around this ticket were created by Capstone not following through on previous steps of the process and therefore created additional issues. This took far too long to be worked out and took up way too much of my time.
1/4/2019 Please note I downloaded the incorrect software version. The supplier is allowing me to make a swap for the correct version I need. When I have this, I will need Capstone's services again. This was entirely my error. Thank you for your great service!!
1/4/2019 Very prompt response and the problem was fixed immediately.
1/4/2019 Please note I downloaded the incorrect software version. The supplier is allowing me to make a swap for the correct version I need. When I have this, I will need Capstone's services again. This was entirely my error. Thank you for your great service!!
1/3/2019 Hi....Our engineer responded to me almost immediately and got this addressed.
1/2/2019 None
1/2/2019 "Honestly, though more than frustrating, the end result and effort went beyond the pale. Kudos to our engineers. Much much appreciated"
1/2/2019 Our engineer was immediately available, and worked with us to resolve several issues "on the spot". Great job, thanks!
12/31/2018 Our engineer is always great to work with
12/31/2018 Quick and very helpful. Saved downtime!
12/26/2018 Thank you for contacting me and fixing the issue so quickly!
12/21/2018 "Ticket is not COMPLETE! The service on this has been terrible. I feel like they just want me to take care of the issue myself?
12/21/2018 Your technician came in sooner than expected & performed the task as requested!!
12/20/2018 Please reopen this ticket. My point was to review how a computer was going to look when it is imaged or reimaged for our employees before it goes out. We have discussed it, but not done it.
12/20/2018 "Our engineer went above and beyond to help me. Aside from trouble shooting this problem with me several ways on the phone, he offered to call our payroll software provider whose site was having the issue and then he followed up with me about an hour later to make sure I was able to get in. He was very thorough."
12/20/2018 Very fast and helpful.
12/20/2018 Our engineer was fantastic
12/20/2018 I have re-opened ticket because it isn't working again, but it is due to operator interference not anything Capstone performed.
12/17/2018 "They are always fast, professional and know what they are doing. Great job. Our engineer had it done within 15 mins.
All have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."
12/15/2018 You All Are Awesome! Thank You
12/14/2018 Efficient & very helpful - provided solution for me to tell user to prevent having to reset his password going forward.
12/14/2018 Great job.
12/14/2018 Although the issue was out of Capstones hands, our engineer responded quickly, and let me know that it was an issue with Microsoft Office and that they were working on fixing it.
12/14/2018 Thanks for the fast resolution!
12/14/2018 Our engineer was incredibly responsive to my issue and incredibly helpful in getting the situation corrected. Very much appreciate his quick, but thorough response!
12/14/2018 Great customer service
12/14/2018 Great response time and resolved problem right away
12/10/2018 Wondering if a phone call is preferred over email? I have had to follow up with phone call if no reply to email. Thanks!!!
12/6/2018 Timely response and great outcome.
12/5/2018 Thanks for sending our engineer. It was great to know someone was here to help out. It was also nice to put a face to a name.
12/5/2018 Thanks for quick turnaround on service request.
12/4/2018 very quick service. not sure why, but problem could not be replicated, therefore - problem solved. thank you.
12/4/2018 Thanks for your quick response, and for blocking the sender!
11/30/2018 Our engineer helped me out with my service request. He worked diligently to help me out and was very informative explaining what he thought the issue might be. Very happy to have him around!
11/28/2018 I have no idea if the problem is fixed until I work from home again.
11/28/2018 Love working with our engineers!! They are both very patient with me as they try to help me work through any tec/computer issues.
11/28/2018 Our engineer was very helpful. Thanks!
11/28/2018 Great job as always.
11/26/2018 Length of time between initial service ticket and resolution date. Initial issue reported 11/6. Several emails and a second request for help needed to be completed prior to resolution 11/21
11/26/2018 Polite/friendly
11/26/2018 Very rapid response & problem was fixed!!
11/16/2018 Thank you so much for your quick work and response time.
11/16/2018 Very prompt, thank you!
11/16/2018 Our engineer wins kudos again. He is so helpful and kind. I really love working with him!
11/15/2018 Our engineer was able to come down and repair it within 10 minutes. Your people were friendly and courteous.Thanks for trying.
11/15/2018 Everything went great. I need the access info for the machine for the new employee and email info.
11/15/2018 Very happy with our engineers. Consistently good and prompt service.
11/12/2018 Our engineer did a quick and thorough run thru and got me up and running within minutes once he and I got on the phone together.
11/12/2018 Our engineer was very helpful in trying to get the password for the support email. That seemed to be what was was causing the issues. Since I could not get the password from you or from my coworker I just removed the account from outlook and it started sending emails again. When I get the password I will add that email account back to outlook. My engineer did follow up with me and I told him what I did to fix the issue for now.
11/12/2018 Thank you, Capstone for always being Speedy and efficient! ๐Ÿ™‚
11/7/2018 I tried a restart which fixed the problem. Performed the restart while waiting to hear back from Capstone.
11/7/2018 Our engineer did a great job.
11/7/2018 Our engineer was very helpful and determined to get my issue resolved.
11/7/2018 Called within a few hours and had the problem resolved in 15 minutes.
11/2/2018 Quick and effective, thank you
10/30/2018 Quick response and quick fix.
10/29/2018 Our engineers have been very quick to resolve our problems. We still have an issue with loging into Quickbooks at the Corporate location. It is still necessary to use Logmein but I believe they are working on that still.
10/29/2018 I don't want to put that the guys were poor, you were great. But the outcome is poor. I cannot access dual screen remotely on my mac which was a big disappointment and will be a time waster for me. I understand that our system is not able ... thanks for trying.
10/25/2018 Responded to my request for printer notifications and got it set up as soon as they were able to. Made sure they weren't interrupting my work and communicated everything to me each step. Thank you!
10/24/2018 Our engineer was very nice, helpful and fixed my issue quickly. I think he did better than "Good," but Extraordinary sounds weird.
10/22/2018 Our engineer was able to head off a surprise issue quickly and calmed the masses. Thanks for being here. The only issue I have with this is the fact that the issue of aliases was a new discovery. We depend on Capstone to be the subject matter expert on all of our Network and workstation settings and configurations. I realize that we are relatively new to Capstone,, but this is not the first time that something setup by Capstone or managed by Capstone has surprised Capstone later. This is a serious area for improvement.
10/19/2018 Our engineer did a very good job and in a timely fashion.
10/18/2018 We are still working on this issue
10/18/2018 Thank you
10/17/2018 The problems were solved very quickly. Support walked me through the process step-by-step.
10/17/2018 Our engineer was GREAT! He responded in such a timely manner (eventhough it was an early Saturday morning) and was extremely patient and helpful.
10/17/2018 Our engineer is the best!
10/17/2018 Job well done. Very quick at responding and getting the issue fixed.
10/17/2018 It took longer than anticipated to fix the ticket (remoted into my computer, tried for a bit, had to discuss , called back, and remoted in again), but it was fixed in a timely manner, within the same day. It's been tested and working so all is well!
10/10/2018 I called yesterday morning around 9:45 and no one called me back until this morning, roughly 24 hours later.
I was so busy myself yesterday, in and out, or I would have called Capstone back when I did not get a timely response.
I also wanted to mention that the person that helped me this morning was excellent, as usual.
So I presume there was some kind of glitch that is rare and I still sing Captsone's praises.
10/10/2018 Our engineer called me back very quickly and resolved my issue right away.
10/10/2018 Our engineer called me back very quickly and resolved my issue right away.
10/8/2018 Can't believe it took less than 10 minutes to fix my problem. Capstone, where have you been all my life?
10/8/2018 Our engineer was super helpful in getting me set up on a new laptop. He really took the time to make sure I had everything I needed. Thanks!
10/8/2018 Very accommodating and sensitive to my time.
10/5/2018 Fast response. Immediate resolution.
10/3/2018 Although the issue was ultimately fixed, it took two full weeks to get a "print in color" option on my desktop and get all of my previous printing pre-sets back to what they should be. I know some of this stemmed from the fact that we got a new printer, and when the new drive was installed it erased all of the defaults. But it became frustrating that when one item was fixed, another became incorrect, etc. Overall the issue was solved but it took longer and was more complex than what I felt it should have been. This was communicated to the engineers in an email chain.
10/3/2018 Completed almost immediately.
10/2/2018 Our engineer was great. I was just returning from maternity leave (out for 14 weeks) and had to get my passwords and accounts all set up again. He was very friendly!
10/2/2018 Always a pleasure working with your organization.
10/1/2018 Our engineer responded within the hour and resolved our VPN connectivity issues by adjusting some settings on our Firewall after a recent equipment move. Thanks!
9/26/2018 This is the third time we've experienced this issue, and it still isn't fixed. Our java based app does not work. The problem we're having with our server can't be fixed without the app, so every time Java updates it causes delays. I have been working to resolve our server issues for over a year now.
9/26/2018 Our engineer went out of his way to ensure our label printer was setup and configured correctly.
9/26/2018 Quick, kind and efficient
9/26/2018 Our enginner deserves a raise.
9/26/2018 Went great, thank you.
9/24/2018 Very fast turn around time to get this problem resolved.
Thank you!
9/21/2018 Our engineer called me back right away and was thorough in checking out the issue
9/21/2018 They were quick and had it fixed within a hour. Great job. Very happy. They are friendly and quick to fix the issue.
9/21/2018 Awesome once again.
9/21/2018 Our engineer is awesome and comes through when we need him!
9/20/2018 Our engineer is very helpful and is quick to do what is needed to help us right away.
9/20/2018 Very fast reply and issue complete in less than five minutes, thank you!
9/20/2018 You people are GREAT!
9/19/2018 Our helpdesk enginner is so knowledgeable!!!
9/19/2018 After going through the motions with the Capstone rep for ~30 minutes, I was able to solve my own problem after 15 minutes of a google search AND was able to recover ~2 hours of lost work by doing so.
My rep was extremely profession and kind, but did not accomplish what I had asked.
9/19/2018 Our helpdesk engineer was very helpful and responsive! He helped me resolve my password issue while I was on the road in a hotel room. It was important that I could get onto my computer.
9/17/2018 Quick response and solution to the issue.
Upbeat and personable, professional service.
9/13/2018 He knew instantly what the issue was and solved it. Thank you very much!
9/13/2018 Even though it was a fairly long process, our engineer patiently and diligently addressed the challenge.
9/12/2018 It seems every time I have had an issue, our helpdesk engineer has taken extremely great care of my problems.
9/12/2018 AWESOME AS ALWAYS! ๐Ÿ™‚
9/12/2018 While it took a while to pin down what was apparently 2 different problems, your technicians were relentless in getting to the bottom of it. They were also very fast to respond to the multiple tickets I put in on this each time thinking we got it resolved. I'm NOT picking on the multiple tickets. I consider myself computer savey, and feel each time we thought we had it figured out everything seemed OK, and then the problem returned. I would recommend Capstone IT to anyone that was asking.
If you have further questions or concerns about my comments here please feel free to reach out.
Thanks for all the help.
9/11/2018 The Capstone technician stayed with me through out the process and resolved the problem.
9/11/2018 Took way too long.
9/8/2018 It turned out to be quite a project, but you worked diligently until it was fixed. Thank you so much!
9/7/2018 As far as I can tell, everything we needed from the Capstone end was great. Toshiba is returning today to train staff on the copier features.
9/7/2018 Not Extraordinary because I had to follow up with our lead engineer to get this resolved after not hearing back from the original tech assigned for about a week. Original response was within the 24 hours but he only had me recreate the error. It was unresolved and he said he needed to research. Our lead engineer did it in a quick phone call and pathed out a workaround for future needs.
9/7/2018 The engineer that responded to our request, was able to locate the info we needed relatively quickly which resulted in the equipment technician onsite efficiently completing the work we needed onsite. Thanks!
9/5/2018 Great help Thank you
9/4/2018 It took the tech some time to find my missing folder and files but he was able to restore everything.
8/30/2018 Quick response - thank you!
8/29/2018 The helpdesk engineer was very quick and solved my printer problem in no time at all. Very Efficient.
8/29/2018 Our engineer was great to work with getting this device registered successfully.
8/29/2018 The work performed met expectations & in a very timely manner!
8/29/2018 Great service. patient and thorough
8/28/2018 Thank you for the speedy response!
8/28/2018 No one has contacted be about this ticket nor have I gotten a response regarding our last Ticket.
8/27/2018 So far so good - with autodesk it's hard to say until I have a chance to really test all the changes they suggested - that said, Capstone was awesome and took care of implementation seamlessly. Thanks!
8/24/2018 The file that was restored was initially missing some data (but that was mostly a miscommunication on my end I think). Once I explained what I needed the file was restored with all pertinent information and it was exactly what I was looking for!
8/24/2018 I am happy with the temporary solution and our engineerโ€™s help. However, this is only a temporary solution. Please refer to my reply to this survey request for more explanation. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss. Thanks!
8/24/2018 Our engineer was very helpful. He went above and beyond.
8/24/2018 I am still waiting for the link that does not provide errors when downloading.
8/24/2018 Fixed fast during a scheduled appointment
8/24/2018 While the amount of time it took for all the updates to occur was quite lengthy, this was clearly out of the engineer's control. He did an excellent job of communicating and following up to ensure that my issues were addressed and that what he did worked. My computer is working much better and I'm quite pleased with the outcome.
8/22/2018 Our lead engineer did a Great job of getting my computer straightened out
8/21/2018 Our engineer was great! Resolved my issue right away. Thanks!
8/21/2018 Since I am not exactly sure what to expect in this type of a situation I am not sure if the ticket was handled or not. No one contacted me. I did not see an email come from anywhere indicating to me, a group of people or the company that there could be a potential problem coming in from an outside source. Kind of in the dark but since I know enough not to open emails from that company, I feel I'm covered. Not sure about the rest of the company.
8/21/2018 Corrected my problem. Thank You for the prompt response.
8/16/2018 Our engineer is awesome. He is always quick to respond and gets everything resolved quickly. Thank you!!
8/15/2018 Our engineer is great as always and fixed all of my issues over the phone in 5 mins. Keep up the good work Capstone!
8/14/2018 He fixed my issue and I believe fixed another issue in the process
8/9/2018 I had to call back to have ticket worked on.
8/9/2018 Everything worked as instructed, however, I now am missing several desk top icons/shortcuts I originally had set up. Restore did not fix this issue.
8/8/2018 Our helpdesk engineer was helpful and resolved my issue.
8/7/2018 Prompt attention to my request and prompt resolution. Thank you
8/7/2018 Our helpdesk engineer resolved issue within minutes!! Excellent!!
8/7/2018 While there was a bit of a wait to get a call back when I originally called in, it was great to have a back-up laptop that kept me working while my laptop was fixed. Thanks!
8/2/2018 Thanks Capstone!
8/1/2018 Thank you for your prompt response to my request, as well as your assistance in resolving my problems.
8/1/2018 The major and most important issue was resolved expeditiously. However, I put in a ticket about not only the printing issue which was resolved but about the Capstone icon issue which wasn't.
7/31/2018 Our engineer was calm, intelligent and just really nice! He managed my computer issues like a champ.
7/26/2018 As usual response times are very good. The issue was taken care of within an hour including testing. Extra email has been working great for us.
7/26/2018 They were very helpful. Thank you very much!
7/26/2018 Our engineer was very helpful. He helped diagnose the issue quickly, then waited until a time when I wasn't using my workstation to resolve it. He also went above and beyond by making a backup file in case I ever need to revert back to the old pst.
7/26/2018 Our engineer was very helpful. He helped diagnose the issue quickly, then waited until a time when I wasn't using my workstation to resolve it. He also went above and beyond by making a backup file in case I ever need to revert back to the old pst.
7/26/2018 Good
7/25/2018 prompt response - thank you
7/24/2018 very helpful as always-thank you!!
7/20/2018 Thanks for going through the steps to fix my microphone.
7/20/2018 Turns out my HP Photosmart printer is too old. But thanks for the extra efforts.
7/20/2018 When my email became corrupted I called and was helped by our engineer. He was great at walking me through what had happened and understood that I am not a computer literate person. Was So helpful in getting back all of my info, even when I called back due to my own lack of understanding. The understanding didn't stop with my computer issues. Ryan was very understanding when I had to leave the desk to answer my door a few times during the call. This took a long time each time as I have a broken ankle and am on crutches. He never seemed annoyed by this. I appreciated that.
Capstone sent the nicest package to me afterwards and it was honestly the nicest thing that has been done for me in a long time. So appreciated! Thank you all!
7/20/2018 Every time I have dealt with our engineer he has taken care of my issues extremely fast and is a pleasure to deal with.
7/20/2018 Capstone was quick to return my email and just as quick to fix the problem. Thank you!
7/20/2018 As usual you guys always go above and beyond assist us. Everything was GREAT. Thank you
7/18/2018 Quick, easy, helpful!
7/16/2018 Our End User Support Specialist hopped right on the phone with me and fixed it in less than 5 minutes. Thanks!
7/13/2018 My computer now starts & closes much faster. Thanks
7/10/2018 Capstone, thank you for the wonderful, relaxing service you provided.
7/10/2018 Thanks to you and your company for the excellent service provided to me.
6/27/2018 Upgrade has been working great! Thanks!
6/27/2018 Problem solved quickly
6/22/2018 Everyone was very helpful in making sure I got things figured out.
6/22/2018 new hard drive ordered and installed - programs loaded for use in the accounting office.
6/20/2018 Capstone was able to fix not only the issue I requested but also one that I had been having for months. Great skills Thank you
6/20/2018 Waited all afternoon for a call back after calling in this problem around 1:00. And I had to call again and leave another message.
6/19/2018 Great job great job
6/19/2018 Capstone is great!!
6/18/2018 I did not receive a call back for over an hour. I was not able to be at my desk when the call back did happen.
6/18/2018 Capstone was very good and resolved the problem quickly.
6/18/2018 Very quick and efficient response and resolution to the issue!
6/12/2018 Capstone assisted very quickly polite and ready for us to move forward. thank you
6/7/2018 still having the same problem and its now been over a month attempting to get it fixed.
6/6/2018 Our engineer was a big help. The best part was he didn't laugh at me.Thank You for all you do ๐Ÿ™‚
6/6/2018 Capstone always provides exceptional customer service!
5/29/2018 "Can't think of one thing that I would ask to be different. In particular, Capstone takes excellent care of us."
5/29/2018 Everyone who worked on my computer did a great job and they were patient and friendly. Thank You
5/29/2018 Quick response however not sure there was anything they could do at the moment.
5/18/2018 Our engineer stayed with me until we resolved the problem.
5/17/2018 "We have never been happier with service from anyone as we are with Capstone and our engineer. "
5/16/2018 "Well I called early in the morning and it was not fixed till noon, 4-5 hours down is not a good thing. "
5/14/2018 Issues have been resolved and looking for a better experience in the future
5/11/2018 Work was done quickly and efficiently.
5/10/2018 The team did a great job fixing my issues
5/10/2018 None. All was great.
5/10/2018 You guys are the best! Thanks for all you do!
5/3/2018 We were unaware that there was an issue until we saw the open support ticket
5/2/2018 "i am sure i will be a pain in your butt - i am old and changing from windows 7 to 10 confused me so happy our engineer and whoever else has been assisting me! need to be patient with me."
5/2/2018 "Our engineer was a great help, even with my inexperience at using your company."
5/2/2018 excellent
4/30/2018 Our engineer was awesome. Thought I had him stumped fo start the week off but he came through very nicely. Kudos.
4/25/2018 "Everything is working fine today, thanks!"
4/25/2018 Our engineer was very helpful and resolved my problem
4/25/2018 "Our engineer was so helpful! He provided examples for me to go through in order to compile a new policy for our company, and then took the time to review it with me afterward to make sure I had covered all the key components and addressed any remaining questions and concerns. So great to finally be able to update our documents and have confidence they are correct!"
4/23/2018 "As usual, great, prompt service."
4/4/2018 Our engineer is extremely helpful and intuitive. Great to work with.
4/2/2018 "There was a very quick and thorough response to the printer issue"
3/30/2018 Our engineer did a good job and was able to adapt to to the different issues that arose during the session. (i.e. working from my wireless network at home, installing VPN client to I could connect to establish the domain from home, a laptop that was trying to install 112 Windows Updates, etc.)
3/29/2018 Capstone always responds quickly to all of our requests and does a great job keeping our website up to date!
3/29/2018 Response was quick and corrected the problem.
3/26/2018 Quick response
3/26/2018 Our engineer has been very helpful and has had excellent customer service both times I have worked with him regarding a computer error.
3/21/2018 "As usual, our engineer took care of everything we needed, and then some!
3/19/2018 Thank you for the quick response!!
3/16/2018 Is it possible to have a way for people to unlock or reset password remotely without needing to submit a ticket?
3/16/2018 Change happened quickly. Thank you!
3/16/2018 Capstone staff are always so nice to work with -- thank you!
3/16/2018 "I felt his reason was not enough. I would have expected him to dial in and look at the logs to see if there was issues!"
3/15/2018 AWSOME As ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/14/2018 Our lead engineer is a rock star!
3/6/2018 Thanks for your help!
3/2/2018 Capstone has always been a great help for all of my problems. Much appreciated!
3/1/2018 Everything was completed as asked with no issues. Thanks!
2/28/2018 Great job and I especially appreciate the follow through. My tech stayed with me until we were both sure that the new software worked. If he had just downloaded the software I still wouldn't have been able to watch my training video. There were a couple of extra steps that had to be done and he went the extra mile. Great job!
2/28/2018 All files were retrieved, and additional files we didn't know were missing were also retreived quickly. Great job, as usual
2/27/2018 You guys are awesome. Thanks for the quick response
2/16/2018 As always our engineer is terrific.
2/16/2018 But had to call the next day for another issue with connectivity to my printer.
2/6/2018 Always helpful- thank you
2/6/2018 "Our support desk engineer handled the situation well, looking into a few different options to make sure the website we use is secure.
Thank you, "
2/6/2018 Our support desk engineer was very helpful in taking care of my computer and whatever the issue was with it.
2/5/2018 "Our engineer handled my situation in a professional manner and provided me with his contact information should I need anything going forward."
1/26/2018 Capstone went above my expectations. Our support desk engineer contacted Ebix directly to solve the problem. It saved me time and most of the headache. He took the time to look into a few other issues I seemed to be having and worked with me. It was very much appreciated and the computer is working great.
1/16/2018 Took almost a month to get this resolved. It's a pretty simple process if you know what you're doing (which I don't), it just fell through the cracks.
1/4/2018 Our support desk engineer is great
12/18/2017 Our helpdesk engineer was terrific when we spoke. There was a slow response time with no connection from approximately 1300 Mountain time till the following morning.
12/14/2017 Support was great about following up on ticket to ensure computer was repaired.
12/13/2017 Great job!!
12/12/2017 I still cannot print my envelopes
12/11/2017 I always have positive communication and outcomes from Capstone. Thank you.
12/7/2017 Our engineer was excellent!
11/27/2017 Did a great job on a issue that was very unusual. I liked that it was able to get fixed while I was not working.
11/10/2017 The person I spoke with said he had no idea how to fix it and he would call me back. Two hours later I had not heard anything so I called capstone back and spoke with an engineer, and he addressed and fixed the issue immediately. Hours later a supervisor called me to follow up on the task when it had already been completed.
11/10/2017 Was very happy. Our helpdesk engineer was very attentive and immediately solved my problem. Excellent customer service!
11/7/2017 Our engineer is always great to work with and very helpful!
11/7/2017 It's always a quick and easy call to Capstone to get something resolved!
11/3/2017 The gentlemen both of them were great walked me thru and explained what they were doing. Found out that my printer is shot we were able to order thru you guys and you will come and set-up. No problems here for me. Great having someone to go to when issues arise.
11/1/2017 Love you guys!! Thank you for all of your help!
8/2/2017 Our engineer always provides us with Extraordinary care. We are so pleased we switched to Capstone. He also makes sure that his team is well informed of our needs when he is not there to take care of our services
7/31/2017 I would rather not have been on the phone with the tech during the installs, it seemed to take up a lot of my working day. It would have been easier to have the work performed after hours.
10/26/2017 As always, Capstone techs are quick to respond and very knowledgeable.
10/13/2017 Our helpdesk engineer was very helpful as always. Thank you again.
10/10/2017 Very pleasant and provide me with the information and sent email with the explanation to share with my management team
10/10/2017 I'm not sure why the email account was not set up this way the first time it was set up for us when the new computer was set up.
10/10/2017 For me I am giving a 5 because I was completely at the mercy of the problem and it was fixed by Capstone in a matter of minutes. Thanks !
10/10/2017 Our engineer was extremely helpful. He was able to troubleshoot the problem fairly quickly and then when I thought the hub was broken, he was able to fix it through means I didn't even understand!
9/29/2017 Responded to quickly and done right. Thx
9/29/2017 Prompt response and problem solved. thanks
9/27/2017 Our helpdesk engineer trouble-shooted from the phone & problem was solved within a couple of simple actions!!
9/22/2017 I was not aware of this service ticket being submitted, so I am making the assumption that you dealt directly with the employee impacted and solved the problem without my knowledge!
9/22/2017 Your guy stuck with it until he figured it out.....took a while, but got it done. The Capstone folks have always been good to deal with, pleasant and try hard.
9/20/2017 My call was returned quickly and his response was great. He was helpful and resolved the problem
9/14/2017 Thanks - Our lead engineer was very helpful and prompt in resolving the problem.
9/12/2017 I was very glad that a live person answered the phone and was quickly able to get me on the line with the tech who initially installed my equipment a few days before. The tech was able to remotely fix my problem and send me on my way to getting my work done. Thank you!
9/12/2017 I was very glad that a live person answered the phone and was quickly able to get me on the line with the tech who initially installed my equipment a few days before. The tech was able to remotely fix my problem and send me on my way to getting my work done. Thank you!
9/12/2017 Thank you! Things working great so far ๐Ÿ™‚
9/12/2017 As result of this effort, we will have cable modem installed in ALBANY office.
9/12/2017 Quick response...great customer service!!!
9/12/2017 Our helpdesk engineer quickly resolved the issue - great job!
9/12/2017 Our lead engineer once again did an amazing job of getting back to me right away!
9/7/2017 Everyone was very helpful and resolved the issue quickly
9/5/2017 your response time and the knowledge of your technician were extraordinary. much thanks. you saved the day here.
8/31/2017 As always, your group is great with their patience, knowledge, and willingness to resolve my issues.
8/31/2017 I want to thank our helpdesk engineer for being patient with me. I'm not very smart with computers:).
8/31/2017 Thanks for the quick response and resolution.
8/30/2017 This has been a continuing issue for us and our engineer helped us narrow down the issues. great job!
8/29/2017 Our engineer is always very responsive to get our questions/issues resolved in a timely manner!
8/24/2017 Thank you!!
8/24/2017 Our engineer (as always) did a great job and is always on top of taking care of all our requests!
8/24/2017 Quick response and resolution Thank you for your service.
8/24/2017 "Our Helpdesk engineer was on site to repair another issue and took care of the ADP time clock login for one of the departments on the fly - such a help._x000D_
Thank you!"
8/23/2017 The help I received was amazing, issue was resolved quickly and customer service was amazing!
8/22/2017 The only reason I selected "decent" for this service ticket was because it took so long to solve it was about a 3 week span from our original issue to the final fix. But I truly appreciated the multiple visits to the office, and at this point the fax seems to be back up and running properly!
8/18/2017 I did not have to wait on the phone to talk to someone and the person could very quickly pinpoint the problem and guide me through the process of removing and re-installing the battery to re-boot the computer. Thank you!
8/17/2017 Our Helpdesk engineer was excellent and went beyond the call of duty.
8/17/2017 Very quick resolution, thank you!
8/17/2017 Thank you for getting this request completed in a very timely manner! It is very much appreciated.
8/10/2017 Our engineer was fantastic installing our phones. He has always been helpful with any issues we have and is a great asset for Capstone. Looking forward to working with him in the future.
8/4/2017 Our helpdesk engineer went on lunch during our call. I had told him to call me back once things were done, instead the process stopped and didn't move forward for 10 minutes. I finished the process myself, recalled Capstone and someone else was able to finish my ticket.
In the future, it would be nice from the technical support person to call the customer and let them know they're going on lunch, even if both are not currently on the phone at the time.
I needed to get my computer running ASAP, and having me wait around during his lunch break was unprofessional and cost me time.
8/4/2017 Our helpdesk engineer was patient, thorough and fixed the issue. Great experience, as usual!
8/2/2017 Our engineer always provides us with Extraordinary care. We are so pleased we switched to Capstone. He also makes sure that his team is well informed of our needs when he is not there to take care of our services.
7/31/2017 I would rather not have been on the phone with the tech during the installs, it seemed to take up a lot of my working day. It would have been easier to have the work performed after hours.
7/26/2017 Thank you for your quick response and resolution.
7/26/2017 VM ware did not automatically start after power outage. Our engineer was able to remotely get it started and set it up so the next time the power goes out it will restart.
7/26/2017 No action on Capstone's part, other than letting me know the server was down. It was due to power outage and server came back on line after power was restored.
7/26/2017 Great response byour engineer and the team. Thanks
7/25/2017 Our engineer is great he was quick to get a test file uploaded for us to do much needed testing in.
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