With several Certified HIPAA Security Professionals (CHSP) on staff, we know the technology of the healthcare industry inside and out. Practices that provide healthcare services for anything — whether it be medical, dental, vision, or otherwise — have an extremely specific set of technology needs, possibly more nuanced than any other industry. After more than ten years delivering managed services to healthcare providers across the state of New York, Capstone IT is the leading firm for streamlining, securing, and supporting your technology.

A monthly investment in ongoing security and compliance

It’s impossible to discuss healthcare technology without immediately addressing the legal requirements necessary to stay in business and host patient information. The frequency of HIPAA audits are skyrocketing, along with punitive fines. Oftentimes, the reason for failing an audit is no more complicated than an inability to keep up with an overwhelming amount of cybersecurity requirements — the majority of which are constantly being changed or updated.

By far, the most conclusive reason to enlist the help of Capstone IT is the exhaustive knowledge our technicians have about these regulations. Although they live and breathe HIPAA compliance, your practice faces a steep barrier to entry: a cover-to-cover read of a convoluted legal document hundreds of pages long.

Conversely, our CHSP staff have already scaled this barrier, making each update, revision, addition, and deletion of HIPAA guidelines significantly easier to track and digest. With that knowledge under their belts, our technicians can future-proof your practice by providing guidance on:

  • HIPAA risk analysis
  • Technical compliance evaluations/plans to resolve uncovered issues
  • Network vulnerability assessments and penetration tests
  • Sensitive data discovery scans
  • Data breach threat analysis
  • Constant monitoring and reporting on HIPAA updates

Business continuity

We spend quite a bit of time on this blog writing about best practices for cybersecurity and disaster recovery planning. But those posts aren’t always geared toward healthcare businesses; and when they are, business continuity can get summarily lumped into overarching HIPAA considerations. When working with one of our technicians, however, that’s far from what actually happens.

Contrary to what other providers might have you believe, the cloud is plenty secure to keep all your data backed up and protected. When a practice suffers at the hand of a natural disaster, providers and patients still need 24/7 access to electronic medical records (EMR), and automated offsite backups are the way to make that a reality.

More money means a better practice, and vice versa

It’s rare to see healthcare and profit in the same sentence, but that doesn’t stop it from being a worthwhile consideration. There’s nothing wrong with your staff being paid well, because to provide better care and treat more patients, practices need to make money.

Just because we’re technology specialists doesn’t mean we don’t get into the weeds with industry-specific software and solutions. As just one example, our team has spent years perfecting our small healthcare practice service model, and is proficient with a wide array of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, such as:

  • eClinicalWorks
  • Allscripts
  • Vitera
  • Medent

We believe in technology that emphasizes three things: productivity, efficiency, and affordability. Our handful of preferred practice management and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software options help you attract new patients, reactivate lost patients, market your products and services, and manage your billing database.

Powerful analytics

With patient data in the form of contact information, appointment history, and medication records, you’re likely sitting on a gold mine of data with no idea about how to turn it into actionable insight. With a business intelligence software solution that swaps customer data for patient data, you can unearth trends and variables that prevent costly readmissions and expensive follow-up appointments.

Other than the right software and a qualified data technician, you already have everything you need. All your practice needs is a program to put database information through the grinder to look for correlations between the types of care you’re providing and when/why specific services usually result in unnecessary follow-ups.

Even without our 10+ years of experience in HIPAA regulations and industry-specific needs, a managed services provider could save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of wasted hours. But with more than 3,000 practices across the Rochester/Buffalo region, you need something better. You need Capstone IT, an acclaimed IT provider with the tech savvy to bump you to the top of everyone’s list. Send us a message today to get started.

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