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As a business owner, the prospect of having to make important IT decisions – from securing your data properly to keeping hackers out of your system - can seem intimidating. The reality is that your network needs to be continually measured and analyzed. Learning what’s out there and getting advice from experts is your best line of defense. We’ve provided these 6 eBooks to help you keep tabs on all of the different areas of your IT so that you can make the most of your technology and make sound decisions that are right for your company.

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In this eBook, you’ll learn 6 Costly misconceptions about computer maintenance and how to avoid scam or rip-off computer repair companies. Find out what critical characteristics you should demand from your computer company, as well as 21 Questions you need to ask before hiring your next your computer support team (and should ask your current IT guy as well).

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Not sure if a work from home program is right for your business? This eBook shares how one company saved $11 million after implementing a work from home program and how you can implement the same money saving strategies. Discover the single most important thing you MUST have in place before starting any work from home or remote office initiative, and the 8 CRITICAL characteristics you should absolutely demand from any IT professional you’re considering to setup your remote office technology.

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This eBook will outline in plain, non-technical English common mistakes that many small businesses make with their computer network, costing them thousands in lost data recovery, employee productivity, and computer repair bills. Included is easy, proven way to reduce or completely eliminate the financial expense and frustration of these oversights. You’ll find out what expensive mistakes most small businesses make when it comes to protecting their company data, and the 6 recommended essentials to protect and preserve your critical data.

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Before you consider cloud computing for your company, there are 5 very important facts your need to know. This includes what cloud computing actually is, the pros AND cons of this new technology, and the various types of cloud computing options you have. This eBook will explain all this, as well as provide you with questions you need to ask your IT pro before letting him/her move and part of your network to the cloud.

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When was the last time you not just backed up your business’ essential data, but tested that backup to be sure it was successful? This eBook explains tape versus remote backup, and provides answers to the questions every business owner should know and consider when if come to securing your essential data. Find out what you should absolutely demand from any remote backup service, and the single most important thing to look for in a remote backup service provider.

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In this eBook, you’ll discover which one universal misconception business owners have about their computer networks can end up costing between $9,000 to as much as $60,000 in damages. Learn how to greatly reduce or even completely eliminate costly crashes, slow performance, and avoid expensive computer repair bills.

$21 value, your cost: FREE!

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