Mitigate Risks With Cyber Insurance Coverage

After getting a Cyber Assessment of your network and getting the right Cyber Protection tools in place to prevent cyber attacks, Cyber Insurance is the last essential step for a holistic approach to protecting your business. Cyber insurance delivers the coverage you need against immediate costs and lawsuits to minimize impact to your business operations should a cyber-attack occur.

What coverage do I need?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to adequately insure privacy exposures. We will assess your individual exposures and provide coverage that specifically caters to the risks inherent to your specific business.

Privacy protection

Covers costs to defend and resolve claims with regard to the handling of personally identifiable or confidential corporate information. Covers negligence, violation of privacy or consumer protection law, breach of contract and regulatory investigations. Covers issues resulting from the failure of network security, including the negligent transmission of a virus and the inadvertent participation in a DDoS attack against a third party.

Breach costs

Coverage for costs associated with responding to a breach, such as forensic costs to confirm and identify the breach, costs to notify affected individuals, credit protection services including costs to staff a call center for redemption of monitoring offers, and crisis management and public relations costs.

Cyber extortion

Covers the response costs and financial payments associated with network-based ransom demands. With the proliferation of ransomware such as Cryptolocker and anonymous currencies such as Bitcoin, network extortion demands are on the rise. In the digital world, intangible assets are 'kidnapped' and extorted with threats to shut down a system or divulge sensitive or proprietary information.

Hacker damage

Covers costs to recreate or repair damaged or destroyed data, systems or programs. In a digital world, property is no longer exclusively tangible, so specialized coverage is needed to pay for intangible data recovery costs.

Multimedia liability

Costs to defend and resolve claims related to online content, such as defamation or trademark or copyright infringement.

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