We work with small and medium businesses to perform an independent, high-level security assessment in order to understand your existing information security technology and business process controls. Our proven process of reviewing your people, policies, and tools will help us identify your company’s vulnerabilities.

Steps involved in a Cyber Security Assessment

  1. Initial interview with members of your organization and a Security Specialist to discuss your business objectives, areas of concern, wish list, policies, etc.
  2. Secondary visit and asset inventory; install diagnostic tools for network/security discovery and analysis.
  3. Assessment team will need full cooperation from client staff for requests and answers to questions, as well as prompt and reasonable access to locations, hardware, documentation (including inventory, purchase, support SLAs, leasing, IT records), systems, equipment and network closets, and anything else related to gathering the necessary data required to compile and complete the Security Assessment.
  4. Inspect site locations, including user areas, server, and network closets.
  5. Compile results.


As an output from the assessment, we will create a report to highlight the key findings and provide remediation recommendations.

The finalized package includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Gap Analysis
  • Detailed Roadmap
  • Targeted Action Plan
  • Customized Presentation

How much does the Cyber Assessment cost?

The Cyber Assessment is an independent report that looks at your business objectives and technology alignment, and network security. It’s an objective report that can be handed to an internal IT team or any external IT company to implement. On average, the assessment costs $100 per user. Factors like number of locations, size, complexity of the network, remote workers, applications used, etc. determines the cost of the assessment. Every business is different so we are able to give you an exact quote after we learn a little more about your business.

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The Fit Assessment gave us an independent analysis of our office technology

"We appreciate outside opinions regarding our network design/development/utilization. If major problems had been found with the CAPSTONE Fit Assessment then we would be able to not only immediately address them but determine how we missed them to begin with. The best thing we liked about the Fit Assessment summary report is that it is very simple and easy to read. As a result of the assessment, we found out that the systems we have in place for the most part are working very well and the areas that need to be addressed can be done in a planned manner."

Dan C.,
Action for a Better Community

The Fit Assessment provided an amazing amount of information

"What a great tool! It provided me with an amazing amount of information. Thank you CAPSTONE"

Andrew B.,
Datrose Inc.

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