6 Reasons you need Office 365 for your business

Question: What’s one of the most popular software suites in the world that has 120 million monthly users worldwide? The answer: Microsoft Office 365 for Business.

This cloud-based suite is a hit with many businesses because it helps them become more productive and efficient.

3 Reasons to take your business to the cloud

In the 1960s, something happened that would change our lives forever. The setting is the office of US Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara in the Pentagon. In an ordinary room, a civilian is quietly working there — planning what would become the next computer revolution.

4 Benefits Businesses Love MOST About Office 365 Sharepoint

Are you wasting time and money searching for the right system to use? Is your desktop crowded with company resources like file systems and databases that are driving your employees crazy? Does this often lead to manual errors? If so, banish those problems with the help of a company portal.

How Office365 ‘Teams’ Is Out-Performing Emails With Faster, More Organized Communication For SMBs

Ever since it was invented in the 1960s, electronic mail or email has changed the way we communicate. For small business owners, corresponding with clients has become easier and important messages are not affected by the usual delays of snail mail.

None can deny that emailing has great benefits; with the click of a button, you can instantly send a message to anyone with an email address and you can get hold of incoming messages anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Feedback from customers is also easy and quick! .All it takes is an internet connection.

Don’t move your small business to the cloud without preparing for these 4 challenges

By now, every business leader should be familiar with the benefits of the cloud, but that doesn’t mean it’s a decision to take lightly. Just like any other major change to your IT infrastructure, migrating to the cloud presents a significant technological upheaval, one that can backfire spectacularly if you’re not adequately prepared.

Microsoft Teams Conversation History

In Skype for Business, the program saves previous conversations to your Outlook mailbox for later review. Though they don’t always appear in the Skype client, they’re visible in outlook in the Conversation History folder in Outlook.

6 Excel tricks anyone can master to improve their reports and data

Microsoft Excel is one of the best tools for small- and medium-sized businesses to track inventories, measure project progress, and analyze data. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and jam-packed with useful features. We included a few helpful tips in our last Office 365 article, but they only scratched the surface of what’s possible with Excel.

Office 365 productivity tricks everyone should use

Did you know there have been almost 30 versions of Microsoft Office since it was first released in 1990? Even if you’ve been a loyal user for decades, the frequency of updates and feature releases has made it almost impossible to master everything included in the suite.

Office 365 is much more than Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in the cloud

The most common reason small businesses love Microsoft's online version of its productivity software is cost. Purchasing a lifelong license for Office 2016 costs $399, but because new versions are released every three years and older versions stop receiving security updates, businesses end up being forced to purchase the newer, safer versions more frequently than they vote for president.

The latest announcement from Microsoft is a dream come true for SMBs

Have you ever wondered why Microsoft -- a company with sizable market shares in several types of software -- has never rolled all their products into a single package? With the release of Microsoft 365, you can finally put that question to rest.

Announced at the July Inspire conference, this solution combines the Windows 10 operating system, Office 365 Business Premium, and the Enterprise Mobility and Security suite into one, easy-to-manage solution.

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