Capstone Newsletter – Fall 2019

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3 Things Darren Hardy Taught Me About Maximizing Productivity

By: Sitima Fowler

As a mother, a sales rep, and a business owner I’ve always found that maximizing productivity between all my pertinent daily tasks is extremely challenging. Especially when there aren’t clear priorities set in place. For example, is the big sales meeting more important than driving my son to his basketball practice? Luckily, I recently had the opportunity to listen to and meet Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, and he was able to answer these questions for me and many more. His talk was insightful and profound.

What the NFL Can Teach You About Business: By Mike Borlaug

Entrepreneurship is tough. Owning a business will test your patience every day and will often make you want to quit. We are constantly beaten down by that goal of achieving success and maintaining that success. It’ll constantly be a moving target.

Capstone Newsletter – Summer 2018

The Capstone newsletter provides articles and tips to help your organization run faster, easier, and more profitable. In this issue, find out how to get a FREE credential scan, 2018 business inspirational letter from Sitima, cyber security tips to safe, upcoming educational events, and much more.

10 Fantastic Father’s Day Ideas for Floridians

It’s unlikely you clicked on the headline of this article because you thought signing dad up for managed IT services was a sensible Father’s Day gift. So don’t worry, we’re not here to pitch our services.

We’re writing about Father’s Day because our team cares about the Southeastern Florida communities it supports.

Top 10 cybercrime facts you need to know in 2018

Cybercrime is now the number one threat facing U.S. businesses of all sizes, including SMBs.

Last year's high-profile ransomware attacks have shown business owners that cyber-criminals don't discriminate when it comes to their targets. With experts agreeing that 2018 will be an even bigger year for cybercrime, no business can afford to be complacent.

How to stay safe and secure online in 2018

One of the few industries in the world that will never see budget cuts is security. As the world grows ever more complex and connected, our valuable information is increasingly exposed to malicious actors around the world.

However, there are experts around the world working behind the scenes to fight the good fight, thwarting the hackers with ingenious new technologies such as the self-healing BIOS, self-encrypting drives and pre-boot authentication.

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