Tips and tricks to make your Thanksgiving cooking stress-free

Thanksgiving is a point of pride for many home cooks because it is the perfect time to whip up something special for family and guests. Anything short of good food, football, and family won’t pass muster, with particular emphasis on food.

As expected, Thanksgiving kitchen preparations tend to be stressful affairs.

Halloween tech tricks (and treats) for small businesses

In ancient times, the Celts believed that the dead returned to haunt the living on Halloween. To avoid these frightening encounters, they made huge bonfires to burn crops and animals as sacrifices, and wore animal heads and skins to ward off ghosts.

Today, this annual holiday is still associated with scares, but it’s all in good fun.

4 Scary things that can happen to your business on Halloween

You’re working late in your Rochester office on All Hallows’ Eve. There’s a full moon outside and all your workers have left to celebrate with their families.

While going over important files, you discover that the computer overheats and makes strange clicking noises.

How to celebrate Labor Day in Rochester and Buffalo, New York

We celebrate Labor Day to honor the American labor movement and its tireless workers. This public holiday signals the end of summer, and the three-day weekend is usually a time for picnics, parties, and parades. It’s also great for camping, fishing, and golfing.

4 Cool (summer) stops between Rochester and Buffalo, NY

Driving from Rochester to Buffalo, New York takes almost an hour and 15 minutes, and it can get pretty boring at times. But there’s no point in staying behind the wheel that long since there are a lot of nice places to visit while traveling. Here are our four favorite picks:

1. Holland Land Office Museum, Batavia
Named after the place where its Dutch investors came from, Batavia is the only city in Genesee County.

5 ways to communicate with employees effectively

In The Twilight Zone episode “Wordplay,” a salesman wakes up in a different world, one where no one speaks a language that he recognizes. He gets angry and frustrated, without any hope in sight.
Like other episodes of the popular TV series, this is an exaggerated situation many of us are familiar with, especially managers who struggle to communicate effectively with their teams.

Tips from Technicians: How to stay healthy at a desk job

Our team has spent more than 15 years becoming the best managed services provider in Rochester and Buffalo, New York and in the Treasure Coast, Florida. During that time, we’ve turned our expertise into hundreds of articles on how to avoid technology disasters that would ravage your business, reputation, or bank account -- but this article focuses on a different kind of damage.

Grab a Plate and test your knowledge of Rochester’s most famous dish

The Flour City just celebrated a milestone that we couldn’t let pass without celebration: the 100th anniversary of Alex Tahou opening his restaurant -- and creating the infamous Garbage Plate.

We thought about covering the history of this culinary masterpiece, but so many publications already have.

5 events you can host to better your community and your business

Small businesses and the communities they serve are deeply intertwined. As a small-business owner or employee, there’s no corporate office 100 miles away where you might eventually relocate to, so the success of your community matters because it's your customer base and because it's your home.

The best camping spots near Rochester for family trips this summer

We had an especially nasty winter this year, and most of us are itching to get out and enjoy the sun. Thankfully, we live in one of the best regions in the entire country for camping and hiking! If you’re looking for some terrific spots to spend a weekend away with the family, the Capstone IT team has a few suggestions.

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