What to do when disaster strikes

All the way back in 2014, cybercriminals struck the Marriott International, but hotel officials only learned about it in September 2018 — four years after the initial breach.

Hackers managed to steal the names, contact and travel information, and personal data of about 500 million customers.

Why you need secondary backups, even for cloud platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Doc Files

Designing a bulletproof backup solutions is as easy as “3...2...1.” That simple mnemonic device has been around for ages, but the recent availability and relatively low cost of cloud storage has given this tried and true rule a bit of a facelift. It states that every business needs:

3 copies of data backups, in…
2 different formats, with…
1 offsite copy.

The most common questions from merchants about EMV chips cards

You might think as a compliance specialist I spend the majority of my time poring over complicated regulatory documents and network configurations. Well, that’s not quite the case. Whether it’s phone consultations or on-site visits, I actually spend most of my time answering client questions about how to properly handle sensitive business data.

How to make a disaster recovery plan

Do you ever wonder how many business owners were cursing themselves for not creating a capable disaster recovery plan before 2014’s Snowvember? We do. Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) often gets put off until later, and like they say, it’s always too soon until it’s too late.

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