Protect Your Network with capSecure Before Ransomware and Other Malicious Cybercrime Causes You Unrepairable Harm

With capSecure, you have the flexibility to choose the Right-Fit security services. We can create a custom quote that best fits your business needs.

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Under the capSecure security umbrella, we have made it easy for you to implement the security services you need to fight cybercrime without breaking the bank.


capSecure Employee Security Training

  1. Provide training to all of your employees for one low monthly fee of $79/month. Our training is engaging, utilizes extensive multimedia and is effective. Our weekly 1-2 minute micro training videos are sent out via email to all of your employees.

    I went through the training course and it’s great. My favorite part is the mini quizzes you take part way through the course like the phishing quiz

    Engineer - Research & Development
    Environment 21, LLC.

  2. Upgrade your service level to $200/month and get additional capabilities added to your online portal in addition to the above such as:

    Employee Phishing: Send fake phishing emails to your employees to test their ability to spot a phishing email from a real email. Employees that fall for a fake email are redirected to our phishing training. Phishing employees significantly improves their ability to spot and avoid real phishing emails.

    Security Policies: Security policies help your employees understand what actions should and should not be performed and defines best practices for securing critical data. Our policies include network security, computer use, physical security, termination procedures, BYOD and more. Employees are required to electronically acknowledge the receipt and acceptance of the policies.

    Security Risk Assessment: The streamlined security risk assessment will help you understand your gaps in security and we can make recommendations on how to address those gaps.

    Reporting and Repository: Detailed reporting gives insight into employee training activity, phishing campaigns and security policy acknowledgment. Your custom security portal can become a repository for all your security information which could include security risk assessments, vendor contracts and cyber insurance policies.


capSecure Security Foundation

This 7 layer foundation layer incorporates the nuts and bolts of what you need to keep the doors and windows locked from cybercrime. The tools below will keep all your computers and servers protected whether you are working in the office or from a hotel.

  1. DNS Filter – This is a cloud based perimeter security fence around your network using the tools from Cisco Umbrella’s Open DNS. We detect threats released real time. These “zero day” attacks are often undetected by traditional firewalls. Protects remote workers.

  2. Proprietary Anti-Ransomware scripts – If Ransomware is detected, access to infected server is disabled right away from further harm

  3. Managed Antivirus and Anti-Spyware software on workstations and servers

  4. Block malicious ads while browsing

  5. Cloud based spam filter so harmful spam is caught outside of your network before it reaches the employee’s workstation

  6. Up to date Security patching from Windows, Adobe, Java, etc. on workstations and servers

  7. 24X7 monitoring of your entire network to keep guard


capSecure Testing and Compliance

Tell us your compliance requirements and we can give you a proposal for what you need and what it will cost. Our services include:

  1. Vulnerability testing

  2. Penetration Testing

  3. Writing Policies and Procedures

  4. In person Training

  5. Risk Assessment

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