How to keep your employees focused after the holiday season

Christmas decorations light your cubicles, festive Starbucks cups litter your employees’ desks, and joyful outbursts of holiday cheer echo throughout your office as staff leave for break. Sooner than you know, the new year will kick into gear.

Employees will shuffle back into your office to deal with overflowing inboxes and, likely, a backlog of work.

3 Time management techniques to help you save $100 billion

Employees are wasting time to the tune of $100 billion per year, and many small businesses are suffering because of this!

That’s one of the lessons to be learned from the Harvard Business School (HBS), which said that idle time is costing American employers big bucks.

4 Serious computer problems and how to fix them

If technology were easy to manage, we’d be out of business. The harsh reality is that even desktop computers — which have been available at the consumer level for almost 30 years — tend to be unreliable unless they receive regular care and attention.

3 Top New Year’s resolutions for a successful business in 2019

Promises, they say, are meant to be broken. This probably explains why 88% of 3,000 people surveyed didn’t follow through with their New Year’s resolutions, according to psychology professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

Save $$$ now with VoIP

November 27th, 2018 VoIP

If Alexander Graham Bell were alive today, he would probably endorse Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). That’s not surprising since VoIP has greatly transformed the telecommunications industry in many ways, much like Bell’s telephone did.

VoIP or IP telephony uses the internet to transmit calls, email, photos, faxes, and other data.

Stay Safe When Shopping Online: Follow These Tips #GetCyberChic

As the holiday season kicks off, shoppers everywhere are more and more frequently opting to use their credit cards from the comfort of their homes, taking advantage of online deals. Since the shopping days known as “Cyber Monday” are upon us, Capstone wants to take a moment and provide some safety tips to our customers (and their own family and friends):

1. Careful with the Clicks
We all receive more email promotions than usual around this time of year, and we must all use a little extra caution before clicking those links to promotions! You’ll also be tracking all the incoming shipping notifications for your time-saving online orders, and though you may have dodged the crowds, try to stay vigilant as you sort through those shipment and delay notifications for your orders.

Don’t miss these 3 West Palm Beach events in December

December means many things to many people. It’s usually a time for merrymaking, parties, family reunions, and gift giving. On top of that, it’s the month when we show our concern for the welfare of others as we celebrate Human Rights Day on December 10.

Here in West Palm Beach, Florida, the merry month of December is also special for small business owners because it’s one of the best times to meet new people and grow your business.

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