Traits Of A Champion With Peyton Manning

I recently had an once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Peyton Manning, both a champion on the football field and in life. Although I am not a big sports follower, I have been following Peyton since I helped my son do a book report on him 8 years ago. I admire him for his success-minded winning habits then and now. Although one might question what Payton could possibly teach professional leaders how to better our businesses, there was plenty of relevancy within Payton’s talking points on how to be the best at what you do. He listed 4 qualities he believes are necessary to be the best and shared many…

5 Common cybersecurity mistakes that businesses continue to make

With half of the world’s population now having access to the internet, cybercrime has become one of the biggest challenges of modern times. Some estimates put the global cost of cybercrime to $6 trillion dollars per year by 2021. The widespread use of network technologies is fast outpacing our ability to stay secure.

Launch an effective employee cyber-security awareness training to protect your business

Humans are the first and last line of defense when it comes to information security. Technology streamlines work processes and reinforces office policies, but it’s only as effective as your employees are at following and understanding the rules. That’s why compliance regulations place a strong emphasis on the importance of security awareness training.

Local networking events you shouldn’t miss

Networking is fun, especially for small business owners since it’s the perfect time to meet and mingle with other people who share your interests and can help grow your business. Aside from the great company, you can enjoy good food and drinks, and pick up some freebies along the way.

6 Telltale signs of hacking

In Edgar Allan Poe’s short story "The Tell-Tale Heart," the narrator murders an old man because of his blue “vulture-like” eye and hides the dismembered body under the floorboards of the victim’s home. When the police arrive to investigate, the narrator tells them that the old man went on a trip and shows them the victim’s room.

4 Tips for creating a risk-free email policy

While social media tends to get most of the attention these days, email remains the preferred way for customers and businesses to keep in touch, and it continues to play a central role in internal communications too. But the sheer popularity of email makes it one of the largest attack surfaces of all.

3 New technologies that will drive digital transformation in 2019

Organizations across every industry — from manufacturing to finance — continue to make sweeping changes to their IT systems in the hopes of creating and optimizing business processes. It’s often referred to as digital transformation, and it’s difficult to navigate.

4 Ways to lose good job candidates

Looking for new talent for your small business? There are many ways to get good candidates, but the recruitment process of some companies can turn off prospective employees. Because of their indifference, recruiters may fail to create a positive impression, prompting new hires to move on to other prospects.

4 Things you should never do online

Are you sharing your life with over three billion people online? Believe it or not, that’s what most people are doing whenever they use the internet and post something on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Instead of keeping their personal information safe and secure, many individuals choose to brag about their new car, home, job promotion, and other juicy details that don’t belong next to a friend’s cute cat video.

2018 was a cybersecurity disaster for SMBs— changes to make in 2019

If you’re only vaguely aware of how bad 2018 was in terms of worldwide cybersecurity, let’s recap:

In January, the value of one Bitcoin rocketed to $20,000, providing more incentive for hackers to launch ransomware campaigns (which need untraceable currencies to anonymously collect their bounties).

Also in January, the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities put almost every computer on the planet at risk of a new form of cyberattack.

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