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Do you idolize Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Is the computer your best friend? Are you thinking of getting a job at your favorite tech company? You don’t need a rabbit’s foot or other lucky charms to be employed since the odds appear to be in your favor.

Bridging the gap between technology and business strategy

Have you tried fitting a round peg in a square hole? No matter how many times you do it, you know that this is impossible and you will only be frustrated. The same thing happens when your IT and business strategy are not aligned. Don’t expect one to complement the other if they don’t see eye to eye or if they go in different directions.

Threats darken cloud services

The clouds that tickle our imagination come in many shapes and sizes, and are unreachable. Scientists say that the ones closest to Earth hover at about 6.500 feet. Knowing this, you might think that cloud computing — where personal data is stored and accessed over the internet — is also beyond the reach of others, especially cybercriminals.

Building your kingdom

4 Things to consider to create an effective training program

You are the ruler of your small business and your employees are your loyal subjects. But in your kingdom, which Game of Thrones character do you exemplify? Is it Jon Snow, the King of the North who is known for his kindness, honor, and selflessness? Or are you more like King Joffrey Baratheon of Westeros, the spoiled brat and torture-loving villain despised by viewers?

If it’s the latter, you’re in big trouble because your employees and customers will hate you.

Digital transformation for SMBs: 3 barriers to your innovation

Navigating the trials and tribulations of modern technology has never been easy, which is why a staggering 84% of companies are failing at digital transformation. In an age when customers demand instant gratification and information security is facing constant threats from cybercriminals, it’s never been more important for organizations to innovate.

Cybercrime bigger than the drug trade

Interview with Capstone IT’s Chief Technology Officer Matt Topper on why small- and medium-sized businesses are more susceptible to online threats

Mention drug lords and the names that come to mind are Joaquín Archivaldo “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera, Pablo “The King of Cocaine” Escobar, and Griselda “The Black Widow” Blanco, among others.

How to talk like an IT geek without really trying

Are you confused by the language of information technology (IT) experts? Do you feel like an astronaut talking to aliens whenever you confront them? Don’t you wish there was a better way to understand what they’re talking about without getting a degree in computer science?

Fear not, dear reader, for help is at hand.

Awesome networking events in West Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work.”

Those words from American businessman and bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki clearly show the power of networking. By interacting with other people and exchanging information, you can build meaningful and powerful relationships that can boost your business.

What to do when disaster strikes

All the way back in 2014, cybercriminals struck the Marriott International, but hotel officials only learned about it in September 2018 — four years after the initial breach.

Hackers managed to steal the names, contact and travel information, and personal data of about 500 million customers.

You’re never too small to collect quality customer data

Customer data collection and utilization used to be a thing for the Fortune 500s, a competitive advantage of scale only available to large enterprises with massive budgets. Not so anymore. But while the realities have changed, too many small- and mid-sized businesses are still beholden to the myth that this powerful information is unattainable and unusable for them.

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