3 New technologies that will drive digital transformation in 2019

Organizations across every industry — from manufacturing to finance — continue to make sweeping changes to their IT systems in the hopes of creating and optimizing business processes. It’s often referred to as digital transformation, and it’s difficult to navigate.

4 Ways to lose good job candidates

Looking for new talent for your small business? There are many ways to get good candidates, but the recruitment process of some companies can turn off prospective employees. Because of their indifference, recruiters may fail to create a positive impression, prompting new hires to move on to other prospects.

4 Things you should never do online

Are you sharing your life with over three billion people online? Believe it or not, that’s what most people are doing whenever they use the internet and post something on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Instead of keeping their personal information safe and secure, many individuals choose to brag about their new car, home, job promotion, and other juicy details that don’t belong next to a friend’s cute cat video.

2018 was a cybersecurity disaster for SMBs— changes to make in 2019

If you’re only vaguely aware of how bad 2018 was in terms of worldwide cybersecurity, let’s recap:

In January, the value of one Bitcoin rocketed to $20,000, providing more incentive for hackers to launch ransomware campaigns (which need untraceable currencies to anonymously collect their bounties).

Also in January, the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities put almost every computer on the planet at risk of a new form of cyberattack.

Warning: Your iPhone’s fingerprint scanner isn’t safe!

Fingerprint sensors have made life easier for smartphone users. With today’s technology, it’s easy to shop for groceries, pay bills, transfer money to a bank, or book a flight to a destination — all with the press of a finger.

But this convenience comes with a price.

5 Easy ways to bring office and remote workers together

It may sound new, but working remotely has been practiced for thousands of years. In England, prior to the Industrial Revolution, small businessmen stayed in “workhomes” that allowed them to be with their families. This continued until the Victorian age as entrepreneurs operated shops, pubs, and even funeral parlors out of their homes.

4 Things to do when an employee quits
(Hint: Feeling sorry is not an option!)

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world, nothing can be certain, except death and taxes.” Pitiful as it sounds, that famous quote from the American scientist and statesman is right on target, because nothing lasts forever. Seasons change, flowers bloom and wither, people come and go, and the good things in life will fade and disappear as quickly as they arrive.

Don’t move your small business to the cloud without preparing for these 4 challenges

By now, every business leader should be familiar with the benefits of the cloud, but that doesn’t mean it’s a decision to take lightly. Just like any other major change to your IT infrastructure, migrating to the cloud presents a significant technological upheaval, one that can backfire spectacularly if you’re not adequately prepared.

Microsoft Teams Conversation History

In Skype for Business, the program saves previous conversations to your Outlook mailbox for later review. Though they don’t always appear in the Skype client, they’re visible in outlook in the Conversation History folder in Outlook.

4 Ways to delete computer files (including one that works!)

Thinking of selling your old computer or donating it to charity? You may want to get rid of the files on your PC first. There are several ways to do this to keep embarrassing baby pictures, doctored tax account records, or sensitive business data away from prying eyes.

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