Understanding Office 365 – How Does It Benefit Small and Medium Businesses?

An office in the cloud - well that sounds magical doesn't it? Well if you upgrade to cloud computing in your office, you'll find it's more than magical, it's miraculous - as all your earthly IT stress and worries drift away into the atmosphere. The magic of the cloud has changed forever the way that Rochester and Buffalo companies use technology in their business to grow and be more efficient.

Capstone Advisory on Rochester, NY Email Scam

Email payment scam continues as real employees receive fake requests from their CEOs
Capstone Information Technologies, a computer IT services firm in Rochester, NY, has seen a recent rise in an email scam effecting small businesses in the area. Scam emails requesting wire transfers or email payments are not new.

HealthcareFEST 2014: Focused on Protecting And Growing Healthcare Practices

Once again held at Mario’s in Pittsford, NY, Capstone’s annual event for office managers, Doctors, and owners of independent healthcare practices broke last year’s attendance record. HealthcareFEST delivered key speakers who covered topics on growth strategies and profitability, office etiquette, enhancing the patient experience, technologies to increase practice efficiency, and managing the office for maximum productivity.

Rochester Rotary Breakfast Meeting

Lessons in Innovation from the Cyber Criminal Underground and How You Can Protect Yourself

On Tuesday, Nov. 4th Rotarian Sitima Fowler – Co-CEO of Capstone Information Technologies, Inc was featured as the Rotary’s Breakfast Meeting Speaker, presenting ways to protect both personal and business information from cyber-crimes.

Join us as we take our IT expertise on the road!

Breakfast Sponsorship with MGMA-Meeting new healthcare professionals and seeing our clients is our favorite part of this annual event!

Presentations at TechKNOWPalooza-Sitima will being teaching classes to Rochester’s relator association on mastermind ways to increase cliental with online marketing.

Lunch-Time Webinar:

October 23rd: 5 Mastermind Ways To Reach the Masses, Gain Cliental and Grow Your Business Like Never Before

Join Sitima online as she explains how to reach thousands every month, what techniques have worked best in turning prospects into clients, and how you can incorporate these same ideas simply and inexpensively with great results.

Lunch-N-Learn Seminar “Cyber Criminal Underground: How To Protect Your Business, Your Loved Ones, and Yourself”

Our lunch and learn on Cyber Security was a success! The conference room was packed with executives who wanted to learn more about the innovation of cyber criminals and how to protect their business and loved ones. Great presentation, Sitima!

Healthcare Fest – Leading In Uncertain Times: Strategies for successfully steering your practice and keeping the staff engaged

What a success! Healthcare Fest was a banquet room full of doctors, office managers, and practice owners who enjoyed 5 local specialists as they shared their best business strategies. Everything from HIPAA compliance, to working as a team, to growing your practice though websites and Facebook was discussed over a catered breakfast and lunch.

DENTALFEST 2013 – How To Drive More Efficiency and Profitability In Your Dental Practice

Dentists, hold on to your caps! Dental Fest 2013 was the first of its kind for dentists, office managers, and practice owners who were looking to gain some innovative ideas for extraordinary patient care. Everything from HIPAA compliance, to creating a “wow” office environment, to growing your practice though websites and Facebook was discussed over a catered breakfast and lunch.

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