How much should you be spending on IT?

A closer look at the different cost drivers and what is reasonable for a small business
How much does it cost? We’ve all uttered these words thousands of times when considering a purchase. And whether it’s a new car, a plumbing repair or entertainment system, price often plays an important role when determining to purchase a product.

Benefits of Ongoing IT Support

IT support is something that we wouldn’t need in an ideal world. Our computers would work seamlessly as soon as we turn them on, and they’d boost our business productivity and performance on a daily basis. The truth is though, that computers and IT systems are complex, and increasingly so, as small and medium businesses require them to do more and more.

How To Stop Threats, Hackers and Viruses That May Be Lurking In Your Email Inbox and What You Should Do If You Think You Are Infected

There are numerous ways you can fall victim to an online predator, from phishing scams to social engineering and everything in between. However, in these days of increasing sophistication where hackers and fraudsters are employing ever more cunning ways to deceive us, one of the oldest tricks in the book is still very much alive and kicking.

How To Grow Your Business Using a Strategic IT Roadmap?

You need IT to run your business effectively, efficiently and competitively. You already know that. You are also probably well aware that simply running a server and equipping your employees with a PC, smartphone and/or tablet is no longer enough in today's increasingly challenging digital world.

The How To Guide To Hiring A Reliable Computer Guy

One of the joys of travel is the unfamiliarity of your surroundings. There's nothing more adrenalizing than suddenly being catapulted into a strange new land where everyone is babbling at you in a language you don't know. Most travellers know that the best way of coping is by smiling a lot, pointing at new foods and activities you want to try and be willing to laugh and eat a lot.

How Do You Get Your Website To Show Up In a Google Search?

How to get ranked first in Google search

If you are trying to grow your business and you need leads then you have to design a website that gets listed on first page of Google when someone searches for the product or service that your business provides.

A Dependable IT Foundation Is Essential For Every Small and Medium Business

It doesn't matter whether you're a huge multinational corporation, a growing medium sized business or a small family run business, if you don't have a solid IT foundation, you are going to lose out to the competition. And we're not just talking about flashy websites or fancy social media campaigns, even the basic office day-to-day procedures require efficient computers and a network that is dependable.

Benefits of Hosting an Offsite Meeting

There are many benefits to hosting your next important meeting offsite. While it may be convenient to just have the meeting in your own conference room, there are drawbacks. If you are like most small and medium business leaders, the chances are that your own office, or business premises are not really big enough to host meetings where all of your staff, or perhaps partners and vendors can meet in one space.

How a business can be more profitable by outsourcing their IT support

5 Biggest Benefits to Outsourcing Your IT Computer Support
Here at Capstone Information Technologies, we understand that running a small or medium-sized business in Rochester, Buffalo, West Palm Beach, and the Treasure Coast brings great rewards. But we also know that doing business in New York and South Florida has its challenges as well.

How VoIP can be the perfect solution for Small and Medium Businesses

November 30th, 2015 VoIP

Here at Capstone IT, we really love our phones - both mobile and in the office. We know that in this era of email and instant messaging, it is by using the phone that we really make a personal connection with our clients. The phone is also faster when we are placing orders, chatting to out-of-office staff, and dealing with emergencies.

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