Refer a business to Capstone IT. Get $200.

At Capstone, we believe that referrals are the greatest form of flattery. If you know someone who is worried about any aspect of their business technology, do them a favor and put them in touch with us.

Here is how you can earn some CASH and join Capstone’s 200 Club:

  1. Fill out the form at the top of this page with your referral, or call/email us with your referral information.
  2. We will call to schedule a consultation with your referral and send you a check for $100 the same day we meet!
  3. If your referral becomes a managed service client of ours, we will send you a check for another $100…
  4. Welcome to The 200 Club, good friend!

By recommending partners, associates, or professional contacts, you can help them enjoy worry-free IT and reap some rewards for yourself. We look forward to hearing from you!

It was a delightful surprise to receive my referral check in the mail…


“When my customer began looking into alternative plans for supporting their IT needs, I knew an introduction to Capstone was in order. In my experience, companies without a dedicated IT department benefit tremendously from comprehensive support by an external team. Capstone offers an IT management and support program that’s unique in the industry; they hold your hand during complicated transitions and day-to-day technology problems. I’m always anxious to help out my own customers by referring trusted partners… but Capstone sent a very special thank you, as well! It was a delightful surprise to receive my referral check in the mail, especially at the holidays. Knowing that I can satisfy my customers AND get a little extra spending money will definitely encourage me to look out for other opportunities!”

Sarah Compter, Vice President

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