Tips for increasing employees’ job satisfaction

Tips for increasing employees’ job satisfaction

The best employers know that paychecks only go so far to motivate their employees, and that happy employees are more productive, take less sick leaves, and project a prestigious corporate image to the outside world. If staff members do not like the company culture, feel unseen, unheard, and neglected, and cannot see themselves growing any further, then they’ll look for another company that will grant them greater satisfaction.

There will be many adverse consequences if an employee leaves you:

  • Formation of resource and skills gaps
  • Sunk investments in training and certifications
  • Disruptions in the processes they’re handling
  • Delays in projects they’re involved in
  • Anxiety among the staff they’ll leave behind

It’s therefore in the company’s best interest to ensure that their employees are satisfied. Here’s a couple of tips to help you do just that:

#1 – Recognize and reward achievements

Gestures of appreciation invigorate the human spirit and often have a greater impact than cash rewards. This is because these gestures make people feel that they’re on the right track and that their contributions are important to the company. Feeling this way pushes them to do their best and can even carry them through difficult challenges.

Recognition efforts don’t have to be grandiose to be effective. Everything from pats on the back to impromptu teamwide announcements of a job well done can feel more sincere than quarterly recognition ceremonies because of their immediacy.

#2 – Go the extra mile when taking care of your employees’ needs

While people have needs in common (like food and clothing), your employees may have a unique set of needs that your company could help fulfill. Don't just assume that they'll automatically appreciate the perks you'll offer. To illustrate, some fast-food chains offer monthly meal credits to their staff but limit choices to what's on their menus. This gets old pretty fast — and staff would begrudgingly let their privileges lapse because they literally couldn't take another bite of the same food.

Instead of offering lame benefits, get to know what your employees want first. Perhaps they'd love free commuter services, or maybe they're health and fitness buffs and would appreciate gym membership discounts. Parents among your employees might need help getting childcare services; and if your staff members are mostly composed of knowledge workers, see if they need assistance in getting certifications or would love to attend seminars or trade expositions.

By supporting your staff the way they want to be supported, you’ll foster bonds that will be difficult to sever. Moreover, by offering perks that reduce people’s stress levels, improve their health, and increase their capabilities, the business gets better performers, making this an excellent win-win strategy.

#3 – Keep tabs on job satisfaction

Conduct an annual survey on job satisfaction to know your standing with your staff, see how much you improve over time, and discover areas for improvement. Few things are more effective at making people feel that they matter in the organization than listening to them, taking their viewpoints into consideration, and actually implementing positive changes based on their feedback.

#4 – Crowdsource ideas and suggestions from your workforce

Take the idea of obtaining feedback further by asking for ideas and suggestions whenever the need for these arises — i.e., not just during job satisfaction surveys. Employees often have capabilities that go beyond their job descriptions, so tapping them for innovative ideas on how to make processes more cost-effective and efficient may yield surprisingly pleasant results. By including staff members, you’ll get more immediate buy-in from them because they’ll be co-owning the improvement efforts instead of merely complying with directives that come from above their station.

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To increase employees’ satisfaction with their jobs, recognize and reward their achievements, go the extra mile when taking care of their needs, keep tabs on their morale, and tap them for ideas on how to improve the performance of the company.

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