Why more businesses are switching from Google Suite to Office 365

Why more businesses are switching from Google Suite to Office 365

With the introduction of Google Suite in 2006 — then called Google Apps for Your Domain — many businesses and institutions took great interest in this collection of productivity tools and software and moved away from the household brand, Microsoft Office. Google Suite won over the hearts of users thanks to its co-authoring and file sharing features, which enable real-time collaboration. However, this enthusiasm started to shift when Microsoft introduced Office 365, which features tools and applications with better functions — many of which are especially helpful in business environments.

Here are a few reasons why businesses are making the move to Office 365.

Cost efficiency

Although Google Suite costs a few dollars less, several professionals note that there are several price trade-offs in using Office 365. These include higher storage, the option to work offline, a group email sorting feature, better and ensured security, and other value-added services. So while Google Suite doesn't hurt the pocket as much, spending a little more on Office 365 provides greater investments in the long run.


Microsoft’s products have been staples in workplaces and homes for decades. Many people use these tools and applications in creating reports, presentations, spreadsheets, and even simple brochures. Office 365 offers a consistent experience across online and offline platforms regardless of the device used. This familiarity makes it easier for users to acquaint themselves with Office 365.

Offline feature

Office 365 also gives users the option to work offline. Because most of Microsoft's plans include desktop installations of its software, users can create, edit, or review their documents even without an internet connection. This means anyone can finish their work on time without the hassle brought by an unstable Wi-Fi connection.


Google Suite has its own file storage service, Google Drive; however, it's meant for individual use and doesn't offer a secure file storage system for multiple users. Despite being a simple task, creating a folder in Google Drive and then sharing and granting edit permissions to every member of a team is time-consuming. The chance of having redundant files is also high with multiple users having access to just one folder. Similarly, restoring a lost file in a shared “domain” folder will require all users to undergo a complicated recovery process. These are situations that Office 365's web-based collaborative platform SharePoint will help users avoid.

SharePoint is primarily a document management and storage system, but it’s highly configurable to suit the unique needs of different organizations. Its capabilities include:

  • Enterprise content and document management
  • Centralized access to information and applications
  • Groupware capabilities such as project scheduling, social collaboration, shared mailboxes, and project-related document storage and collaboration
  • Personal file hosting
  • Custom development of web applications

Privacy and security

One of Office 365’s remarkable offerings is guaranteed privacy and security of user data. The service ensures that information is stored in a secure, state-of-the-art data center. Additionally, data encryption and frequently updated antivirus and spam protection enhance security. Most importantly, user data cannot be shared nor sold to any third-party applications or users. Office 365 protects against data crawling and adheres to its privacy standards at no additional cost beyond its base price.

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