Reasons why Apple’s Genius Bar can’t compete with an MSP

Reasons why Apple’s Genius Bar can’t compete with an MSP

Having startup issues on your Mac? Can’t make heads or tails of your new iPhone? You can call on the “geniuses” at Apple’s Genius Bar to look into these problems. They’re quite responsive to queries on chat, email, or Twitter.

Bear in mind, however, that fixing business-related IT issues is more demanding. If your small or medium-sized business (SMB) needs an Apple device fixed, you’ve probably faced the dilemma of having to choose between going to the Genius Bar or calling a local Apple-certified managed IT services provider (MSP) in Rochester.

We’ll make it easier for you to decide. Here’s a list of reasons why an MSP is a better alternative to the Genius Bar.

“No” is a dirty word at the Genius Bar

Customers who take their broken computers or mobile devices to an IT service center aren’t keen to hear that their issues can’t be fixed. But sometimes, being told “no” is what a customer needs. But because Apple employees aren’t allowed to use that dirty word, talking to an Apple staff can be rife with euphemisms.

MSPs are unencumbered by such policies. There’s no incentive for MSP technicians to tell customers that they’re dealing with an impossible Mac problem. Being a vendor liaison, MSPs like Capstone are incentivized to help you find the best possible solutions in managing vendor relationships, instead of denying the fallibility of Apple or any particular manufacturer’s products.

The Genius Bar is hands-off when compliance is involved

It’s not uncommon for the Genius Bar to tell customers that their data cannot be recovered from their iPhone that was dropped in a toilet or a MacBook Air that got drenched from a spilled beverage. But data from damaged devices are recoverable in many cases. However, because the Genius Bar is pretty much hands-off when data compliance is involved, the help you may receive for such issues may be limited.

For instance, if you operate a healthcare business and go to the Genius Bar to recover data from a damaged device, you may not get the comprehensive service you're expecting. This is to avoid being incriminated in any possible violation of HIPAA‘s data compliance regulations.

The Genius Bar may even tell you that your device is lost forever if you hadn’t backed it up before getting damaged. That’s because without a Business Associate Agreement, in which a “covered entity” (i.e., your business) engages a “business associate” to “appropriately safeguard the protected health information it receives or creates on behalf of the covered entity,” the Genius Bar could refuse to handle the data recovery issue.

Note that, nowadays, most businesses must comply with at least one set of regulations and a large portion of their data counts as regulated.

The Genius Bar is expensive

If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to take your Apple devices to the Genius Bar for repairs. But those machines aren’t indestructible. Should they get damaged, you may immediately decide to go to the Genius Bar. If that’s the best option you could think of, chances are, you’re going to need a lot of money to get your device fixed.

Take for example the case of a MacBook Air owner who needed to fix his computer’s screen. When he went to the Genius Bar, he was advised that, on top of replacing the screen, he’d also need to replace its graphics chip and logic board for $1,200. Instead of paying the enormous amount, he took his computer to a small, independently owned computer repair shop, which took one look at the problem and correctly diagnosed that the MacBook’s $35 sensor cable simply needed to be replaced.

So if you encounter an issue with your Mac or any Apple device, do yourself a favor and look for an alternative to Genius Bar. A Mac computer support technician in Rochester like Capstone can slice $1,000 (or more) off your IT bill.

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Genius Bar wait times are unbearable

The impressive floor-to-ceiling glass walls and minimalist decor of Apple Stores can’t hide the fact that wait times at the Genius Bar can be unbearable. Apple device users have exponentially increased, so fast service in these stores have become a rarity.

A small MSP office won’t wow you with tasteful decor and an impressive merchandise display, but you are more likely to get much faster assistance there than at the Genius Bar. You may not even have to walk into an MSP’s office. Capstone IT offer Onsite Services, and you can rest assured that we are experienced with Apple and Windows devices.

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