5 Benefits of co-managed IT support

5 Benefits of co-managed IT support

Modern businesses are constantly pressured to innovate quickly to keep up with competitors. Unfortunately, most digital transformations fail miserably due to lack of planning and poor execution. Doing something on your own without the proper guidance and expertise can be costly. To avoid regrets, here are five reasons why you should rely on co-managed IT support:

#1. Round-the-clock coverage

Don’t expect your employees to behave like robots and stay in the office all day to secure your IT systems. Hiring extra staff to do the job doesn’t cut it either. Since cybercriminals don’t work nine to five, strange things can happen while you’re away. Before you know it, a critical system may be compromised and your company will suffer.

That’s why you need to protect your IT department. With a co-managed solution, your systems will be proactively monitored, maintained, and secure 24/7/365 so you can rest easy. IT providers are bound by their service level agreements, which means they are concerned about your company and can respond to issues quickly.

#2. On-demand expertise

Given the complexities of today’s business computing environments and the problems that come with them, a DIY approach might not work for you, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could create more problems without the necessary expertise. Getting a full-time IT executive sounds good, but are you ready to foot the bill? Co-managed IT support lets you tap into industry experts, which is cheaper than paying a six-figure salary to someone you don’t know.

#3. Improved security

With major data breaches occurring almost every day, it’s clear that cybercriminals love to steal data and you could be their next target. Since hackers can easily exploit this, information security should be an integral part of your business.

However, enforcing security and privacy can be challenging if you rely on in-house expertise alone. Your resources may not be enough to stem the rising tide of IT criminality. With a business IT partner, you can expect remote monitoring and management for your infrastructure. This provides an additional layer of security to your business.

#4. Better staff

Shady IT service providers might try to convince you to completely do away with your existing computing infrastructure and in-house IT department in favor of a fully cloud-enabled hosted solution. Unfortunately, that’s not practical and neither is it desirable. Rather than getting rid of what you have and starting from scratch, co-managed IT services can help improve your existing employees and IT department.

#5. Enhanced productivity

Perhaps the biggest hindrance to workplace productivity is when your employees spend time on tasks they’re not equipped to deal with. This can sow confusion in people looking for workarounds to trivial problems which, in turn, can compromise your security.

Instead of distracting employees from their daily tasks, businesses need to streamline productivity by delegating work to the right people. With a co-managed IT environment, you can boost productivity by keeping downtime to a minimum and enjoy proactive support.

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