Daymond John Shared His 5 Shark Points For Success

Daymond John Shared His 5 Shark Points For Success

I recently had the privilege of meeting Daymond John, CEO of FUBU and Shark Tank star.  He took us through his life journey by rapping and playing nostalgic 70s and 80s music that was relevant at that time.

One thing that he clarified is that "Do what you love" doesn't mean you quit your day job.  His day job at Red Lobster is what helped him achieve what he has today.

Daymond John Shares His Success Secrets

He also made a very good point that responsibility must be taken, not given.  This is something we constantly remind everyone at Capstone IT.  Don't wait for a manager to give you more responsibility.  Seek it out yourself and self promote yourself.  That is something I have always done in every job I have ever held.

Here are his 5 key S. H.A. R. K. Points to Be Successful:

  1. Set a goal - Become what you think about the most.  Take one action towards it.
  2. Homework - Take inventory of the actions you do and the ones you don't take.Daymond John Shares His Shark Points
  3. Amore - Love what you do.  Ask yourself why you do it in the first place.
  4. Remember you are the brand - How would you describe yourself in 2-5 words?  How would another person characterize you based on your social media posts?
  5. Keep swimming - Success comes when you are constantly searching for opportunities and never give up.  Think about your failures and what you can learn from them.

I hope you found this blog inspirational and helpful. I was especially excited that I got to share the same stage with Daymond and speak in front of a few hundred business owners on tips on how they can better their business.

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