Read this and get a job in a tech company!

Read this and get a job in a tech company!

Do you idolize Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Is the computer your best friend? Are you thinking of getting a job at your favorite tech company? You don’t need a rabbit’s foot or other lucky charms to be employed since the odds appear to be in your favor.

Statistics from the Computing Technology Industry Association (ComTIA) revealed that there are 525,000 tech companies in the United States that employ 11.8 million people and contribute an estimated $1.8 trillion to the economy. Last year, the industry had 261,000 new jobs, making it the sixth in terms of job creation among 22 top-level occupations since 2010.

Among the various tech jobs, the largest and fastest-growing category is software and web developers, who number 1.5 million. This is followed by network architects, admins, and support (748,935), systems and cybersecurity analysts (739,632), and computer support specialists (647,993). In 2018, ComTIA said tech job postings reached 3.7 million, which means that your chances of landing that perfect job are great.

Sadly, the industry has not been kind to women. While the business sector is changing the way we work, the percentage of female employees is surprisingly low. Evia, a virtual event solutions company, said less than 20% of women have tech jobs, even though they comprise more than half of the US workforce.

Girls are said to be interested in tech jobs at age 11, but they don’t pursue this because there are few female mentors, not enough hands-on experience, and gender bias that discourages a lot of women. Hopefully, the situation will change and other tech companies will follow the examples of Facebook, Yahoo, and Google, which have female tech executives in their ranks.

While waiting for that day to arrive, here are four tips to increase your chances of being hired:

  • Learn more about the industry
  • No, you don’t have to be a tech guru to make it. But if you’re applying for a tech job, you should at least know something about it. Brush up on the subject by reading articles, news, or anything that will broaden your knowledge. Attend computer science or business classes if you can, and visit tech sites to gain valuable insights about industry trends and new technologies.

  • Hone in on your favorite subject(s)
  • Once you know what’s happening in the industry, focus on the things that matter to you. Pick a career that complements your skills and interests. Choose wisely to make a good impression. For instance, if sales or marketing is your cup of tea, by all means, go for it!

  • Pick up skills
  • Know what it’s like to be in the industry and get firsthand experience by working in a tech company. You don’t need a permanent job at first. Many organizations are looking for interns and this is a great way to get in, learn the ropes, and show the people there what you’re capable of. Get involved in different types of work to gain a lot of experience.

  • Know what companies want
  • While tech companies differ, they’re the same in the sense that they’re all looking for bright, young people to become a part of their team. Stand out from the rest with your passion and talent. This will convince your future employers that you deserve a shot in their organization.

Ready for your job interview? Wake up early, take a shower, comb your hair, wear your best business suit, and shine your shoes. Arrive on time and slay the interviewer with your skill, determination, and knowledge. Who knows? You could be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs after all!

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