Prepare for Microsoft Teams Upgrades

Prepare for Microsoft Teams Upgrades


In 2017, Microsoft announced that Teams is replacing Skype for Business.

Teams is Microsoft’s new collaboration tool. While mostly associated with instant messaging, Teams also provides shared workspaces for groups of employees, meetings, and external connections. If you’ve ever used Slack, Teams is just like it and adds integration with your existing Office 365 subscription.

A team is a group of employees that are working together. That might be a department, a few employees, or the entire organization. Some examples of teams include Finance, Operations, IT, etc. Within a team, a channel focuses on a topic. Channels might be permanent, such as Advertising Campaigns within the Marketing channel, or only last for a specific project. Everyone on the team can see all channels.


Within the Teams, you can discuss issues with your project, schedule video calls, share screens, work on files together, and even integrate with applications. You can also have private communications with other individuals, both inside and outside the organization.


If you’re using Skype For Business now, Microsoft is automatically upgrading some tenants, and sending notifications ahead of time. This won’t apply to ever Office 365 environment. If you’re a Capstone client, we’ll help with the upgrade as it comes up. You can upgrade to Teams at any time, however. If you’d like to learn more about Teams or upgrade now, contact us at [email protected].

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