How to Use Real Time Dashboards To Improve Your Decision Making

How to Use Real Time Dashboards To Improve Your Decision Making


Capstone is in the process of rolling out a brand new benefit to our clients...a real time dashboard of IT activities that are key to running your business. The intent is to roll this out to all of our fixed fee clients at no additional cost!

The reason to have dashboards is so you can make decisions that are vital to your business using actual real time data that is readily available. No need to run elaborate and time consuming reports.

Now our clients will have the ability to see key indicators such as what are the IT issue categories effecting employee productivity. This way root causes can be discussed and mitigated. For example if 50 employees from company ABC called us for help with printing this month, then lets look at why this is happening. Do we need to replace the printer or did something change in the way work is being performed effecting the printing process. Clients can also hold us accountable for items such as how long it took us on average to respond to issues, # of open tickets, and satisfaction scores.

A: Client access is currently limited to the first 2 levels of these dashboards. The first is the gauge level, the second is the drill-down. The third level requires employee level access to see further information.

A: In some instances tickets are submitted by a key contact of a company rather than the direct employee. Also any ticket auto-generated by our system will tag the primary point of contact as the owner.

A: We have set thresholds for various tile information and the color indicates status such as Green = Good, Yellow = Acceptable, Red = Needs Attention

A: Capstone has set periods for refreshing the data and how far back this gauge shows.

A: As a security measure, we have to keep access limited to what you can and cannot view on the screen. In order to access these screens it requires Admin level access from a Capstone employee.

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