How to keep your employees focused after the holiday season

How to keep your employees focused after the holiday season

Christmas decorations light your cubicles, festive Starbucks cups litter your employees’ desks, and joyful outbursts of holiday cheer echo throughout your office as staff leave for break. Sooner than you know, the new year will kick into gear.

Employees will shuffle back into your office to deal with overflowing inboxes and, likely, a backlog of work. The large volume of tasks can easily overwhelm staff members who are still enjoying the festive afterglow. To snap them out of their holiday hangover and get them focused, here are some ideas to consider.

Take it slow

As much as many business owners dream about their employees hitting the ground running upon return from holiday, high productivity the first few days back is unlikely. Expect a slightly slow start. This will prevent you from unnecessary frustration when you hear employee water cooler chat about Colorado ski trips, spiked eggnog parties, or beach getaways. But it’s not only idle employee chitchat that slows productivity; the mountain of emails will take some time to get through too. CareerBuilder notes that email is one of the biggest productivity killers for employees.

To ease your employees back into productivity, avoid planning any important meetings or assigning big projects the first two working days of January. Once midweek hits, consider focusing your team with crystal-clear communication.

Introduce new rewards and bonuses for outstanding work

Who doesn’t love a good incentive? Providing one will challenge and motivate your staff. The result? Focused employees who are aligned with your business's goals. However, make sure the goal is attainable, otherwise it can lead to a demotivated staff.

Organize a company-wide meeting

For your business to run like a well-oiled machine, organize a company-wide meeting to get your staff on the same page. This can be a fun way for you and employees to catch up on what everyone did over the holiday, introduce new staff members, and remind everyone about important dates, tasks, and targets.

And as it’s the New Year, what better time to unveil your resolution for the business? Tell your staff about the business goals you’d like to accomplish this year to get everyone focused on the big picture. Then consider the next strategy to supercharge that goal.

Hold separate team meetings

If your business has separate teams — for example, a sales team, HR staff, or marketing division — then team meetings can ensure all staff members are on the same page. Without these meetings, staff may decide to communicate via email instead. And after the holidays, when their inboxes are overflowing, an important task or message can slip through the cracks.

The team meeting is an opportunity for staff to get updated on any deadline or project changes and client input provided over the holiday break. New employees can also be easily integrated into the team. Responsibilities, roles, and targets for the new year can be reaffirmed.

The key is to align the goals of individual staff members with that of the company. Do that, and 2019 may just be your best year yet.

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