Simple Ways To Protect Yourself Against Online Criminals and Hackers – 1


It's important to stay up-and-up on what’s new in the technology world, as things are changing by the hour…sometimes by the minute! New threats are being developed by hackers every day. Here to share some simple ways you can reduce your chances of being a victim of cybercrime.

IT Security Tip #1

This will SHOCK you about bank fraud on business accounts. Did you know your company's bank account is not guaranteed refund protection from cyber criminals? For example, if a hacker takes money from your business account, the bank is NOT responsible for getting you your money back.
Don't believe me? You should ask your bank about their policy on refunding money stolen from your account. Many people think FDIC protects you from fraud; that is not always the case. It protects you from bank insolvency, NOT fraud.

Quick Tip

Set up e-mail alerts on your account so you are notified any time money is withdrawn from your account. The quicker you catch fraudulent activity, the better your chances are of keeping your money. If you contact the bank IMMEDIATELY, you have a very high probability of foiling a hacker's attack.

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