Benefits of Ongoing IT Support

IT support is something that we wouldn’t need in an ideal world. Our computers would work seamlessly as soon as we turn them on, and they’d boost our business productivity and performance on a daily basis. The truth is though, that computers and IT systems are complex, and increasingly so, as small and medium businesses require them to do more and more. It’s not a question of if they will go wrong, but when. So you need to have a support solution in place, unless you want to risk expensive down time, and that all starts with a dependable IT foundation.

A dependable IT foundation is exactly what it sounds like: IT you can rely on day in and day out. That means it won’t break down, works as it’s supposed to, and is virtually unnoticeable to you and your staff. In other words, you’ll rarely think about IT as it operates seamlessly in the background of your business. So how do you create a dependable IT foundation? You’ll need to ensure your technology is up-to-date, secure and disaster ready. We wrote a blog about this a few months back that explains how to do this, and you can check that out here.

So once you have the dependable IT foundation, what’s next? Well, as much as it may sound like an oxymoron, the next piece of the puzzle is ongoing IT support. Even the most dependable of IT foundations requires maintenance. Technology ages and needs to be replaced, a staff member needs help troubleshooting a computer issue, or you need to call on your vendors for assistance. In all these instances, ongoing support can be a lifesaver as it prevents small technology hiccups from snowballing into massive downtime, headaches and profit loss. Here are a few of the areas that are an integral part of an ongoing IT support system.

Live Helpdesk

Your Live Helpdesk is your insurance policy if something goes wrong with your IT. And like an insurance policy, knowing your small or medium-sized business has a team of experienced IT engineers just a phone call away can be comforting. If you or one of your employees is having a computer problem,, a real person, who also happens to be a technology expert, will answer the phone and address your issue immediately so you can get back to work. If they can’t, they’ll get back to you and resolve your issue as quickly as possible. You should expect nothing less from a dependable IT provider.

Remote Support

Remote IT support has a number of bonuses – one being that if problems arise in the middle of the night you don’t have to drag yourself out of bed and make a 3AM dash to the office to let a technician in to fix the issue. It is all taken care of while you enjoy your beauty sleep. You don’t have to wake up to emails from angry clients who couldn’t get in touch or make use of your services. Of course, in many instances remote support is also quicker than onsite support. Instead of waiting for an IT tech to show up as you anxiously count the minutes of downtime adding up, you can simply pick up the phone and talk to a professional who will resolve your problem instantly.

Onsite Support

Of course onsite support is part of the Managed Services Provider (MSP) package too and whether you need a PC physically fixed, a new server or phone system installed, or an IT consultant to come in and talk to your employees about online security, all bases will be covered. As an MSP provider, Capstone ITloves visiting with clients old and new to carry out repairs and doing some routine IT housekeeping. And did you know that Capstone IT is completely fluent in Mac, Linux and Windows operating system meaning that no matter what your Rochester or Buffalo company runs on, you’ll be fully supported.

Vendor Liaison

A good MSP will also alleviate the frustrations caused by having to deal with different service providers by offering vendor liaison. This means that if your server crashes, your PCs need upgrading, your phone system is down – or anything else IT related that you can think of – you’ll be able to hand over the time-consuming and frustrating task of contacting your different providers to the MSP. The other big plus to this is that you can neatly sidestep all the inevitable jargon-loaded conversations that you’ll be forced to have when you liaise directly with your vendors!

IT procurement

If your car breaks down, you expect the auto-shop to have the replacement part handy or be able to obtain it fast. You should expect nothing less from dependable IT support. Your MSP provider procures the technology you need on demand, when you need it. Of course, this doesn’t always apply to IT repairs. Sometimes you need to procure new technology (such as a server, router, or laptop) to give your business an edge over the competition, and a dependable IT provider does just this. As for Capstone IT, we go above and beyond to ensure you have all the technology you need fast.  Again, this will save you and your staff from spending your valuable time shopping  around for the right technology at the best price.  We’re a reseller of thousands of IT products, serving up technology from industry recognized brands such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell, McAfee and much, much more.


Let’s be honest, you’re not an IT expert. That’s why it’s important to consult the knowledge of experts who can help you make the most out of your technology. Experts who can suggest ideas to make your operations run more efficiently, help you leverage technology to reduce costs, and advise new IT tools to dramatically increase your staff’s productivity. While not every IT provider offers guidance as part of their IT support package, Capstone IT includes it as a bonus to prove how much we value our customers and truly want to help their business grow.

When it comes to ongoing IT support, Sitima Fowler of Capstone IT knows how service varies widely among providers. She says, “Unfortunately, not all IT support is created equal. Some providers offer onsite and remote support but leave out guidance and vendor liaison. Others provide a helpdesk, but takes hours or even days to return customer calls. At Capstone IT, we provide the complete package. A Live Helpdesk that responds when you need us, Remote and Onsite support, Vendor Liaison, and IT procurement and guidance. Our goal is to be a true partner in your business with ongoing IT support that takes the headache out of technology and puts your focus where it belongs - on growing your business.”

At Capstone IT, clients leverage our services to focus 100% of their attention to growing their business while we focus on consistently advancing and supporting their systems to meet their growth goals and uptime requirements. Our clients include hundreds of small and mid-size businesses in Rochester, Buffalo and the surrounding Western NY area. Want more knowledge? Download our Free eBooks and get answers to the most common security and technology questions. You can also get in touch with one of our technical specialists by calling 585-546-4120 or visiting


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