Why Your IT Provider Needs To Be Fluent In Both Apple And Windows

When it comes to IT, each of us has our preferences as to the hardware and software we like to use. That is certainly the case for the team here at Capstone IT. Some of us love our sleek Apple products, while others prefer those old dependable Windows platforms they have relied on for decades. Things are not this simple in the business world, however. It’s possible for some of your tools to be on Apple systems and others on Windows. If this is the case for your Rochester or Buffalo-based small or medium-sized business, you need to have an IT support provider on hand who is fluent in both Apple and Windows operating systems. That way, you’ll be confident of receiving the high level of service and support your business demands, at precisely the time you need it.

Apple and Windows are vastly different
It’s important to remember that there are huge differences between computer systems that run on Microsoft-produced software, and those that are Apple-based. These differences will affect your IT support provider’s ability to properly manage your network and ensure that you always have the efficient technology you need to maintain smooth operations, consistently delight your clients, and sustainably grow your business. Let’s consider some areas where specialist expertise in these systems is needed.

Managed and responsive services
At the core of your IT support needs is a requirement for efficient and proactive monitoring of your systems to quickly and efficiently detect potential problems while they are small and before they grow and cause downtime and incur costs. And if something does go wrong, you want to be back up and running as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption to your operations.

But how can your Managed Services Provider possibly be expected to do that if their team doesn't have specialist knowledge about your operating systems and hardware? If you’re running an office full of Apple devices but your provider is a heritage Windows-based agency that has simply tacked Apple support onto its offering in the hope of garnering a few new clients, chances are you are going to run into problems that could quickly escalate. The same is true in the opposite direction. An increasing number of firms specialize in support for Apple devices. But if they can’t get your Windows server back in action promptly because of a lack of experience in the field, you will soon regret hiring them.

Systems consulting
As a small business owner, you're an expert in your field and rely on service providers such as Capstone IT to bring their expertise when it comes to monitoring and fixing your computers and networks. Going forward blindly, procuring new equipment and planning the direction of your network infrastructure without having sought specialist input as to the future consequences, is always a bad idea. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up paying dearly through failed technology experiments, unnecessary purchases and maintenance costs, as well as lost productivity. What's more, all the time you take trying to manage your IT is time that you can't use to take care of customers.

But you need to take on a service provider who knows the complete ins and outs of your technology brand of choice. Whether you use Apple or Windows, your IT consultant needs to be able to draw on a lifetime of work background with that brand’s equipment in order to be able to tell you which best suits your company’s requirements. What’s more, you equally want your IT consultant to tell you honestly when they believe a switch to an entirely different species of equipment would the most beneficial move - but it almost goes without saying that, without knowing both Apple and Windows like the back of their hand, they won’t stand a chance of being able to do that with any confidence or authority.

What if you change your mind?
Some systems will be better than others at performing certain tasks, and your business needs may call for a hybrid of Apple and Windows products. Equally, even you as the business owner is a hardcore Apple or Windows fan and exclusively uses one or the other. Chances are you'll have to bring in new technology at one point. Partnering at an early stage with an IT provider who is fluent in both Apple and Windows products will give you the flexibility to make changes as you see fit, without the need to hunt out a new support company, and all of the hassle and potential downtime that this is likely to involve.

Beware Jacks-of-all-trades
It’s easy to be fooled by the kind of computer technicians who are “Jack of all trades, and masters of none”. It’s not enough to have someone who knows a little about every kind of computer system on the market - what your company needs, and what you should demand, is the kind of detailed specialism that will give you the confidence to trust every word your support provider says. Of course, different professionals naturally choose to specialize in different areas, and this requirement doesn’t have to mean that every member of staff at the provider’s office needs to be a guru in both Windows and Apple solutions. It simply means that the firm should have a team that’s both large enough and sufficiently skilled that it can draw on different engineers’ strengths at different times, depending on the requirements of you as the client. If your firm has traditionally been a Windows specialist, but has recently tacked on Apple in order to keep with the times, that’s a no-no and should set off alarm bells. Likewise, if the company simply advertises generic IT support but makes no mention of what specific areas they specialize or are interested in, approach with caution.

By teaming up with an IT provider that is comprised of a team of skilled professionals who work across a range of different technologies and cover both Apple and Windows products, you can be sure that you will have the required skills at your disposal in your hour of need.

Needless to say, when you work with Capstone IT you’ll have exactly that reassurance. Our team provides IT support to small and medium-sized businesses in Rochester, Buffalo and elsewhere in the New York area, and is made up of IT veterans who have spent their careers honing skills across both Windows and Mac. Whether you predominantly use one of the two systems, you use a hybrid of both, or you want our advice as to which is the best solution for your company’s needs, we’ve got the professional technicians to help. Give us a call at 585-546-4120 and see how we can help you truly exploit IT to your business’s advantage.

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