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If your business has anywhere from 10 – 95 computers, our team can help you to:

  • Begin to see your business IT as a tool to increase productivity and get ahead of competitors.
  • Realize the advantages of having a true partner in technology and success.
  • Count on IT service and support that is dependable and secure for your network infrastructure.
  • Simplify using the technology your business counts on each and every day.

If you want a better understanding of the type of businesses we help and how we are helping them grow, then read on…

We do the math to show you how to save $70,000!

Learn how CAPSTONE became Butler Till’s (ranked #4 on Rochester’s Top 100 list) secret weapon in becoming a true 21st Century media company. Partnering with CAPSTONE greatly improved how they serve their clients and how they use technology, to ensure that they are the most productive, profitable, and powerful provider of marketing service support in our area!

Lisa’s Hallmark Stores Can Now Focus on Serving the Customer Rather Than Putting Up With Computer Issues

Bob and Lisa Filice, owners of the three Lisa’s Hallmarks (Marketplace, Eastview, and Greece Ridge Malls), believe that providing their customers with fast and efficient service is key to their business. They also know that proactive changes to their IT support will make a big difference in providing good service.

Bob first came to us, concerned about the security updates he knew his server and PCs needed. We were happy to assist him with this, installing missing patches and making recommendations to help him prioritize his IT changes.

Bob says, “We noticed a definite difference when Capstone came in to get started. Our technician was right on the money with everything. There was a terrific reduction in spam and junk mail, and I can tell updates have been done when I get to work in the morning.”

One of the first changes we made was to get these two business owners connected to their email via the web. Enabling them to access email from anywhere allows Bob and Lisa to connect with their employees and other business contacts without going through only their work computers.

In addition to this, we set up their accountant for remote access to Hallmark’s internal network. This way, their daily revenue can be updated easily and all accounts viewable without physically being in the stores. As a result of Lisa and Bob’s recent change investment in their IT infrastructure, data is shared more efficiently and their network is running faster than ever!

Bob Filice agrees, “Capstone’s service level and consistency of work have been excellent! We now get an immediate response when we have an issue, not “hold on we’ll get back to you”.”

Affordable Computer Support from CAPSTONE Keeps Center For Youth Focused on the Kids

The Center for Youth is one of the most influential and service-providing organizations in our area. Assisting this client is so much more than your typical day-to-day activity, because we know we are supporting not just the employees and the technology they use, but the children who benefit from their computers and resources as well.

When we first began servicing The Center for Youth, they had a number of servers running on older and less reliable hardware. Capstone designed and implemented a new virtualized server environment, greatly increasing reliability and performance while lowering costs. This meant that they could spend less time worrying about their computer systems and place more efforts where their work counted most with the youth they assist on a regular basis! In addition, the dated, unsupported software applications have been upgraded to their latest versions resulting in increased productivity and security. Programs run faster and those involved at their site are protected from inappropriate on-line situations.

Alicia Jones from the Center For Youth says, “Being a non profit agency in today’s economy, the Center was looking to keep our IT costs down while keeping pace with technology. Capstone offered us a variety of service plans which provided us the flexibility we needed. We receive great support service that we can afford on a monthly basis, while being able to plan and implement improvements for the future. Capstone personnel are both knowledgeable and responsive. We value the service we receive.”

Finally, we installed the CAPSTONE Complete Care agent on all workstations and servers. This allows centralized management of Windows Updates, antivirus, antimalware, and PC maintenance. In addition, it lets us remotely connect to a user’s workstation to help diagnose a problem and alerts us about ongoing PC errors that aren’t immediately noticeable to the user, but can cause crashes and slowdowns.

CAPSTONE’s Design and Planning of Their New EMR Infrastructure Helped Save Money

We have partnered with Dr. Moorthi, for his IT needs from the time of him leaving University of Rochester and starting his private practice in 2004. He is one of the few physician practices in Rochester, who has been on the cutting edge of technology and has implemented EMR or Electronic Medical Records for his patients well before it became a requirement in 2011.

We helped Dr. Moorthi design an IT platform that allows his staff to easily record and retrieve patient data extremely efficiently though electronic means. We helped set up his office network, helped plan the server and computer requirements for the practice and helped with decisions on his software environment for his office. We helped set up his data back up and secure remote access for his practice, so he can log in from his home, satellite offices or when he is away from town to continue to monitor and take care of his patients. We helped set up his domain, email, through Microsoft Exchange to effectively communicate with his peers and patients.

Recently as his practice grew and he had to implement newer software for his office, we were right there in planning the server environment. We suggested and successfully implemented Virtual Servers to meet the needs of his growing IT needs and helped reduce the hard ware cost and the need for multiple physical servers.

Dr. Moorthi had this to say… “I highly recommend Capstone to any medical or non-medical company for their IT needs. They have been a very reliable, efficient and dependable resource in meeting the IT needs of my office. Their advice in planning the hardware and software infrastructure has been money saving and very effective. Mike Fowler and Mike Borlaug have been available literally 24/7 in taking care of my IT needs. Thank you!”

Harris, Chesworth, O’Brien, Johnstone, Welch & Leone, LLP Uses Technology To Serve Their Clients More Effeciently

As their firm has grown and added attorneys and support staff over the years, their use of technology has evolved as well. Once utilizing a single Windows server, they are now operating in a five Windows server VMware environment with advanced firewall, power protection and data backup services. They were one of our first clients to take advantage of Capstone’s Managed Services program, including PC and server monitoring and management, cloud-based spam filtering, anti-virus and anti-spyware software management and more. Managed services, more than any other technological improvement over the years, has not only eliminated the need for manual maintenance of their network such as Windows updates and cleaning temp files, but lets Capstone engineers quickly connect to their machines to provide remote support from anywhere with Internet access.

The firm continues to focus on providing their clients with personalized legal services. Their goal is to bring efficient, competent, professional service to you and assist you in successfully resolving your legal issues as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Mr. Chesworth had this to say, “We have counted on Capstone and their professional services since 1996. We are continually impressed by the prompt, quality service and advice which we have come to depend on. Capstone has allowed us to keep up with the times and made us more able to efficiently serve our clients.”

Quality Contract Assembly, Inc. (QCA) Turned To CAPSTONE When They Outgrew Their In-House IT Knowledge

When Richard Frank of QCA needed to upgrade his computers and servers, he called CAPSTONE. He had seen an article about us in the Rochester Business Journal and decided to give us a try. Well we are so glad that Richard decided to read that edition of the RBJ because not only have we been able to help him, he has been an ideal client for us. We are blessed to have many great clients and Richard is certainly one of them.

Richard’s PCs and servers needed upgrading and his needs were outgrowing his in-house knowledge and capabilities. That is why he hired CAPSTONE to design and maintain his new computer network and to backup and secure his data.

Richard’s business at QCA is thriving. QCA is a contract manufacturing firm and it has seen its share of challenges. However, the lighting division of QCA has taken off! QCA makes wonderful LED lighting for residential, commercial and outdoor needs.

Richard had this to say, “Having Capstone assume responsibility for our IT functions, allowed the company to focus on our core businesses. Capstone personnel worked closely with my staff and resolved all issues quickly. As I look back over 2010 and the many decisions that were made, teaming up with capstone was certainly one of the right decisions. Thank you Sitima, Mike, Chris and the staff of Capstone, for all your help, support and a job well done!”

Lakeview Lawn and Landscaping is Growing And Needed Quick Response IT Support

Since taking over the IT responsibilities for Lakeview, we have upgraded their server and now we are providing proactive maintenance to keep problems from happening in the first place. Lakeview’s controller, Rosemary Smith says that she really likes how we don’t talk geek speak with her and that we take the time to explain what is going on. She also says, “The biggest benefit since hiring CAPSTONE is that we now have a IT team and I don’t panic!”

Lakeview recently returned a customer feedback form to us giving us a rating of “10” for the ultimate question-would they recommend us to another business with a 0 being no way and a 10 meaning absolutely. We are thrilled that we are able to provide Lakeview with the day to day computer support they need to drive their business forward.

Lakeview is a full service landscape firm specializing in Design, Installation, and Maintenance for both Commercial and Residential clients. We recently asked Rich Snook, Business Manager at Lakeview, two key questions. This is what he had to say…

What is Lakeview doing to grow in the current economy?
Lakeview has always prided itself on customer service, but a slower economy has helped us realize more than ever that we need to take outstanding care of our customers and they will take care of us. When we can provide that “WOW” factor for our customers, they will reward us with more work and more importantly, referrals. Our growth is dependent on our ability to retain our current customers and provide them with as much value as possible. We are also extending our geographic coverage. We are exploring opportunities in new cities throughout New York.

How are you different than other landscaping companies?
Even though we get dirty for a living, we view ourselves as professionals. We provide a professional service and want to exceed our customers’ expectations. We try to fight the stereotype of the “typical” contractor who shows up late, doesn’t return calls, overbills, etc. We also invest a lot of time and energy into the training of our people. All of our managers are required to attend training on leadership, management, and various types of technical training. Our supervisors and crew members are also exposed to weekly safety and technical training to better equip them with the skills they need.