Our Clients

“Switching to Capstone was fast, easy and painless.”

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Doug Senior VP Brand Integrity

Capstone’s services has allowed us to grow… we are happy they are now Apple certified!

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Melissa VP Butler-Till

“Capstone makes our business better with smooth, seamless IT support!”

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Melissa CEO Genesee Co-Op Federal Credit Union

“No More Computer Downtime!”

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Jen In House IT Butler-Till Media Service

"My network connection problem was solved in 5 minutes while I was traveling!"

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Michele President PLS

"Hiring Capstone allowed us to focus 100% on growing our business!"

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

The best part of having Capstone maintain our network is that we can concentrate on growing the business without having to deal with computer issues. The CAPSTONE agent allows users to contact Capstone to quickly fix any issues that come up. Aldon's new network now has a preventative care action in place to monitor the system instead of a reactionary fix.

Alex VP Aldon Corporation

"We enjoy the relationship with Capstone..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

We enjoy the relationship with Capstone that we have had for the past 7 years. Your people are available and eager to help when we need them and not in our way when we don't. This along with the quality of the work done are all you need to do to WOW us and keep us a loyal customer.

Mike CEO Spex Machine

"Our experience with CAPSTONE has been wonderful..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your service. When we have an issue you are only a call away. It seems as if we are your only customer (and I know that is far from the truth). Our experience with CAPSTONE has been wonderful. You never give us the feeling that you cannot give us the time to take care of our problem. We are becoming used to Capstone being only a phone call away and that is a GREAT feeling. Thanks again for your service to us.

Marty Director Community Action from Wyoming County

"A great company to work with.."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Capstone was a really big help with getting us to a solution that would meet our needs within the budget constraints that we had. When our college approached Capstone for assistance with our server consolidation project they really came out on top in many ways. Capstone was quick to coordinate meetings with product vendors and aggressive in negotiating the best prices we could get for the software and equipment that was needed to help us realize our goals. All through the process they were attentive, available and very much in tune with what we wanted to accomplish. All in all, they were a great company to work with and we look forward to working with them on other projects in the future.

Mark Network Administrator RIT, College of Engineering

"Thinking ahead of the curve for us..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Thank you so much for all of your efforts in meeting our needs and thinking ahead of the curve for us. You are appreciated here at Evans & Fox LLP and the work you constantly do to make our operation systems fully functional and meeting our needs. Once again, we thank you for all that you do, and continue to do, for all of us here.

Richard Partner Evans and Fox Law Offices

CAPSTONE Works Fast!

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Mike B. was great last week when the carpet installers tore apart our computer room. He did in 45 minutes what I expected would take all morning to re-create!

Sue Supervisor Iron Workers District Council of WNY

"Excellent and reliable..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

The staff at CAPSTONE is excellent and reliable. We are fully EMR for the past 4 years. Any problems were addressed efficiently by Capstone.

Dr. David Physician Advanced Pain Care

"We are always pleased with Capstone's professionalism..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Federated Clover has been using the services of Capstone for a number of years. We are always pleased with Capstone's professionalism and positive attitude. Capstone is always on top of the latest technology and is able to accommodate us in a timely manner.

Dennis Director of IS Federated Clover Investment Advisors

"Very responsive..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Ron was very responsive to our server issue last week; he came out ~ 9:30 PM and worked on restoring our connections.

Bill CEO Bioworks, Inc.

"Our network is now protected with a firewall..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

What we like most about CAPSTONE is the fast response to our call. You have transparent and reasonable pricing, professional technical services, great sales staff and follow up. Specific experiences we are very happy with is when you fixed our LAN problems, printer problems and made it into a stable environment. The biggest benefit we received since hiring CAPSTONE is that we got the problem solved quickly. Our network is now protected with a firewall.

Sergio COO JR Language Translation Services

"Very quick response time..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Very quick response time, as soon as an issue arises I receive a call back. We needed a new server installed within 1 week's time and Capstone made it happen without a glitch. Although our dedicated tech does not have a desk here, I feel as if we have access to his expertise immediately. Thanks for your great service.

Rae Supervisor Community Action from Wyoming County

"Capstone provides excellent service..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Capstone provides excellent service to us all of the time. Keep up the great work.

Marion Saunders Management

"We have Peace of Mind..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

The best thing about your services is that our staff has someone to call in case of computer emergencies (aside from me!). We were very happy when you assisted D.L. Walters with getting his Mac to connect to the network printer. In general, you worked hard getting the initial installation/configuration up and running. The biggest benefit since hiring CAPSTONE is that we have Peace of Mind that someone is "on call.

Steven Board Member Perinton Community Church

"They work on any issue at any time of day..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Capstone's response to our calls is excellent and we appreciate that they work on any issue at any time of day until it is resolved or we decide we don't want to continue.

Julie Business and Administrative Manager Bioworks

"Our systems are upgraded to meet our long term requirements..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

The benefits we have received since hiring CAPSTONE are that our systems are upgraded to meet our long term requirements and we got a second opinion on everything we already had. Our staff also spends less time on computer related issues.

Ram CEO Larsen Engineers

"Best-of breed network and security solutions..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Cloud Computing technology is relatively new to our industry. However, as a new firm, we want to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to better serve our clients. Also, using Cloud Computing versus implementing a traditional in-house network is affordable. We have access to the best-of breed network and security solutions, similar the ones used in large companies, but at a fraction of the price. They chose the Cloud Computing service offered by CAPSTONE.

Scott Partner Seneca Financial Advisors

"We got the critical help we needed..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

The biggest benefits we have experienced since hiring CAPSTONE is that we got the critical help we needed to implement our back-up system and our server consolidation project.

James MLS Director Greater Rochester Association of Realtors

CAPSTONE Gives Us Peace of Mind!

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

It is a relief to know that our systems are being monitored by CAPSTONE.

Julia Employee Development Manager Web Seal Inc.

Capstone allows us to keep up with the times

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

We have counted on Capstone and their professional services since 1996. We are continually impressed by the prompt, quality service and advice which we have come to depend on. Capstone has allowed us to keep up with the times and made us more able to efficiently serve our clients.

Mr. Chesworth Partner Harris, Chesworth, O’Brien, Johnstone, Welch & Leone, LLP

Capstone conducts business with integrity and honesty

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

I have no problem referring your company because I believe that the way you conduct your business is with integrity and honesty, which I have appreciated.

Traci Director of Operations Fix Spindelman Brovitz & Goldman, P.C.

"They are great to work with..."

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

CAPSTONE works fast and they have great techs. They also have quick response time. My staff feels comfortable asking them questions. They are great to work with. The biggest benefit we have received since hiring them is that our systems are now compliant.

Betty Director Iron Workers District Council of WNY

"What a difference!"

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Took me only 1 minute to get logged in this morning. That is a HUGE improvement. I can't say enough how much I appreciate being able to explain a problem I am having with the system, and have someone take the time to understand and fix the issue, timely and professionally (without fear of ridicule). Matt is always pleasant and knowledgeable. If there is a problem that can't be fixed remotely he communicates when he will be in and then is here at the designated time OR if he can't be here at that time, calls to reschedule. Matt also follows up to make sure the problem is fixed and that there are no other issues. I am very happy with the service we are now receiving with Matt as our Lead Technician. What a difference!

Michelle Personal Lines Account Representative Paris-Kirwan Associates

"Hiring CAPSTONE Was The Best Decision I Made!"

Capstone Information Technologies Incorporated

Having Capstone assume responsibility for our IT functions, allowed the company to focus on our core businesses. Capstone personnel worked closely with my staff and resolved all issues quickly. As I look back over 2010 and the many decisions that were made, teaming up with Capstone was certainly one of the right decisions.

Thank you Sitima, Mike, Chris and the staff of Capstone, for all your help, support and a job well done!

Richard President QCA