September 30th, 2013

Healthcare Fest 2013

What a success! Healthcare Fest was a banquet room full of doctors, office managers, and practice owners who enjoyed 5 local specialists as they shared their best business strategies. Everything from HIPAA compliance, to working as a team, to growing your practice though websites and Facebook was discussed over a catered breakfast and lunch.

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Date: Thursday, November 14th, 2013
Time: 8:30am – 1:00pm (Free Catered Lunch Included)
Location: Mario’s | 2740 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY

June 26th, 2013

Healthcare Fest 2013

Dentists, hold on to your caps! Dental Fest 2013 was the first of its kind for dentists, office managers, and practice owners who were looking to gain some innovative ideas for extraordinary patient care. Everything from HIPAA compliance, to creating a “wow” office environment, to growing your practice though websites and Facebook was discussed over a catered breakfast and lunch.

Click here to see pictures and a short video of Dental Fest 2013!

Date: Friday, August 2, 2013
Time: 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
Location: Mario’s | 2740 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY

January 22nd, 2013

Grab your lunch and join us for a mid-day training at noon!

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January 21st, 2013

It was a full house at Capstone Headquarters with a packed room of wonderful attendees, and an informative presentation by our friends at InfoPreserve. The response was so big for this seminar that we had to open a second session and do a repeat performance! Check out our Webinars/Seminars page to find out what business building opportunity is coming up next.

Lunch and Learn Lunch and Learn
Lunch and Learn Lunch and Learn
Lunch and Learn Lunch and Learn

November 8th, 2012

October 2012 was Capstone’s 1st annual Green IT month, and as a service to the community, Capstone offered FREE pickup and SECURE disposal of unwanted office computers and other electronics. Over 20 businesses throughout the Rochester area took part in this city-wide effort to reduce, recycle, and reuse their old technical devices. Near $1,000 was raised through monetary donations during these events to support a local organization, The Center For Youth.

“We think that the Center For Youth provides invaluable services to our community, so as a fundraiser for them and as a service to Rochester businesses, we offered free pickup and secure disposal of all the unwanted electronics laying around in offices throughout the Greater Rochester area. It’s an important responsibility that all business owners should take part in.” says Sitima Fowler, CEO of Capstone Information Technologies. “Your computer is made with a wide variety of components, many of which are toxic. When old computers are disposed of improperly, these substances can enter the environment; causing pollution and associated plant and animal death, along with birth defects. Rochester businesses are only one phone call away from making sure this doesn’t happen with their old devices.”

If your business has old computers collecting dust and taking up space, call 585-546-4120 to find out how you can schedule a pick up for your business.

Green IT Pick Up Green IT Pick Up Green IT Pick Up Green IT Pick Up Green IT Pick Up

July 12th, 2012

We recently launched our profiles of success series called Rochester Rockstars! The legendary book, Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is read by more business people than any other business book. Napoleon Hill didn’t come up with the great ideas in the book, instead he profiled the lessons learned from successful leaders. Our new series, Rochester Rockstars, profiles successful leaders in our own community sharing the secrets that led them to their ROCKSTAR status. They live and do business in Rochester, so they face the same economic challenges as the rest of us. So, how are they doing it? Watch this video and learn how he’s actively growing his company in Rochester.

June 20th, 2012

October CAPSTONE is here for you and ready to help you dispose of your unwanted business computers and servers SECURELY and for FREE! With the help of our partner, Maven Technologies, this service is available throughout the entire month of October, 2012.

Computers, laptops, desktop printers, servers, hard drives CD-ROMs, computer memory, switches, router, cables, monitors, mice, telephones, and more!

A Suggested Donation Of $50 Will Go To Center For Youth
CLICK HERE to register for this FREE pick up and recycling service, or call 585-546-4120 today!

April 10th, 2012

Capstone takes pride in its home town of Rochester, NY…especially the Corn Hill District where we’re located. In April we invited our fellow Corn Hill business neighbors to a meet and greet that included networking, a delicious breakfast, and an express seminar, “How To Generate Sales With Your Website, SEO, and Facebook”. We shared some helpful tips on how to boost sales while getting to know more about the businesses nearby. It was a fantastic way to make new connections and help our community succeed!

Black and Blue Restaurant Black and Blue Restaurant Corn Hill Meet and Greet Corn Hill Meet and Greet

The event was wonderful, you did a great job! We have wanted to implement a website for a long time, but have not had the time. Attending this seminar allowed me to see how much we are missing out by not having a website or a Facebook business page. The biggest benefit of attending this seminar is that we will finally have a website up and running. We are looking forward to the changes ahead!

Rene, Manager
Rochester Chiropractic Associates

This seminar is a useful reminder of how effective social media is, despite the fact that I personally can’t figure out what people like about it! A business such as mine is a labor intensive, hands-on business; it’s far too easy to find other things to do than deal with Facebook or my web site blog. The biggest benefit of attending was that it got me back to thinking about my web site, blog, and Facebook page and that I need to do more. I can’t think of anything you need to improve with this seminar, I’m glad I attended.

Studio Astute
Steve, Owner

April 9th, 2012

This Spring, we were honored to be a chosen as a feature panelist for the Rochester Law Association. This event was held at Nixon Peabody Law Firm and many local Law offices were in attendance. Sitima’s focus, “Protecting And Preserving Your Critical Data And Computer Systems” shared some critical information about keeping important files safe and ideal disaster recovery plans. It was our pleasure to offer our support, suggestions and expert advice to such a great group of professionals!

Law Association BDR Seminar Law Association BDR Seminar Law Association BDR Seminar

April 4th, 2012

“How Cloud Computing Can Cut Your IT Costs By Half, Provide Automatic Disaster Recovery And Free You To Work From Anywhere On Any Device”

If you missed our Money-Saving Cloud Webinar, don’t worry! You can watch the recorded version where Mike and Sitima talk about the types of businesses that WILL and WILL NOT benefit from the cloud. If your business can benefit, discover how it will benefit and how much you can potentially save. Learn if Cloud Computing can help increase your profitability, and much more. Get instant access to this must-see webinar!

Watch the Webinar now!