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"We need to update our 20 year old phone system because our current system is not easily expandable to our growing business. Oftentimes, we find ourselves running across the plant trying to let someone know they have a phone call. We need to make changes to our current system and we do not know how. Also, our current system is unreliable and have many outages. Please help! Here's our video for you to see our extreme need for a phone makeover."

Sidco Filter Corporation

Much thanks to all who participated, including these fantastic runner ups:

Chapman & Co.

Brighton Securities

Tipping Point Communications

Special thanks to Nextiva and our 5 judges:


Sally Thornton, Vice President Marketing Communications at Toshiba


Jennifer McDaniel, Project Manager / IT Administrator at Butler/Till Media and Communications


Kristin Oxley, Channel Marketing Manager at Paychex


Casey Burke, Marketing Manager at EWASTE+

The Details

Capstone IT helps businesses in Rochester and Buffalo choose the right telecommunications system for their specific needs. We do this by understanding your phone system goals, comparing alternatives, and providing a non-intimidating, easy to maintain phone system that saves you money every month, all year long.
Now we want to help YOU! We’ve partnered with Nextiva to give one lucky business a customized, new VoIP phone system to “ring in” 2017. All you have to do is let us know why your company’s current phone system deserves an EXTREME PHONE MAKEOVER!
To take part in the Extreme Phone Makeover, click on the “Enter Contest” button and tell us why your phone system needs a makeover. If you REALLY want to convince us, send us some pictures or a short video of your current phone system situation so we can see what you’re going through!
A panel of non-partial judges will pick a winner by March 30th, 2017, so please submit your entry by March 24th, 2017. A big thank you to Nextiva for helping us make this makeover happen for one lucky business.
Good luck everyone!

What can an Extreme Phone Makeover do for my business?

  • Save my business time and money on hardware, setup, and monthly service
  • Flexibility to work from home, multiple office locations, or on the road
  • An online control panel allows you to manage calls, employees and locations
  • Improve employee productivity and efficiently staff my office
  • Quickly swap and transfer calls between onsite and remote location. Manage all of my incoming and outgoing calls with a real-time, online dashboard

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is primarily a phone system that uses the Internet rather than landlines to carry phone signals and data. When you talk on a VoIP phone, sound is converted into digital packages and are then transferred online. And instead of plugging into a traditional phone jack, the phone line goes into the VoIP adapter which plugs into your computer. There a few different VoIP options to learn about before deciding which is best for your business (Read our article, How VoIP can be the perfect solution for Small and Medium Businesses, to find out more). Overall, switching from a traditional phone line to a VoIP phone system most often means financial savings, increased functionality and flexibility, and more effective communication both internally and externally, just to name a few benefits.

Watch Our Webinar Below To Learn:

  • What VoIP is and how it works
  • 3 of the most common phone systems used today and the pros and cons of each
  • Hidden costs with certain VoIP systems that can negate any cost savings you might gain on your phone bill
  • 7 revealing questions to ask any VoIP salesperson
  • The ONLY way to know for sure if VoIP will work in your environment and in your business


Please CLICK HERE for Official Contest Rules of Capstone’s Extreme Phone Makeover.

  • This promotion is open to businesses within a 25 mile radius of Rochester, NY or a 25 mile radius of Buffalo, NY with 10 or more phones within their current network.
  • The contest officially runs from midnight January 1st 2017 to midnight March 25th 2017.
  • Only one entry per company will be accepted, additional entries will not increase chances of winning.
  • The winner of Capstone’s Extreme Phone Makeover must agree to do a case study and/or allow their company name, logo, owner name and personal image to be used in online and/or print media as the winner of this contest by both Nextiva and Capstone IT.
  • Up to $10,000 retail value of hardware and/or services is provided under the discretion of Nextiva’s sales and support team.
  • Winning company may purchase extra phones at an additional discounted cost if needed.

Please email Maureen at [email protected] with any questions regarding Capstone’s Extreme Phone Makeover.

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